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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Resurrected: Lucky Fish

He was sucha lucky fish, but then not so much.

He came from the local Petco under warranty.

Hand-picked by a little miss PB who had been begging to replace her long dead Crystal. He got an extra sploosh of slime coat in his bag because he seemed "stressed."

Chill, little fish, chill.

A few days later, hanging with his posse of Day-Glo and Neon Tetra, evading the nips of the nasty goldfish and plecostumus 25 times his size, he seemed revived. He seemed fine.


Then he disappeared. Not a peep. A phone call home. Nothing. Vanished.

We gave the evil eye to one particularly large goldfish. Yep, his gaping maw of a mouth looked big enough to gulp lucky fish.

We did a grid search of the huge tank.


We looked for signs of life as the best of search and rescue would.

Wait, Wait! PB found something.

There was a glimmer of his neon blue deep in the inky caverns of our log. Well, actually, our algae eater's log.

Oh, dear. " That black monstrosity probably sucked all your slime off," we thought. "You definitely were floating on your side. Oh, dear, sorry abut that lucky fish."

The kids wailed. I made a mental note to suck dead fish out of log.

That mental note continued a few days later. Bad fish owner. I hang my head in shame.

Then I was shaken out of my reverie by an excited PB two days ago.

"He's back! He's alive."

Yes, apparently he was leading a charmed life after all. It was apparent we had our very own, real-life frankenfish.

Faaaa-shew! (Wipe Brow)

Good thing I didn't suck him up. Someone was looking out for this lucky fish and it wasn't me.

The kids praised the fish gods. CG thought it merited a FB status update and even a twit. All were ecstatically praising how lucky was resurrected from sure death.

Then yesterday?

Sadly. We found he had been decapitated. PB found he had been decapitated. Well rather he had been bisected.

Only your bottom half, your tail end, floating in the fern fronds told the tale.

Sigh. Not so lucky. "There's no coming back from this," I thought.

Lucky, but not so lucky fish. Three time's a charm.

I made a mental note to suck Not So Lucky out again. Sigh.

Then, like that? Even his latter end vanished.

I looked skeptically at the Goldfish again. A bully. A murderer.

...And yet, keeping the the aquarium spic and span and free from rotting fish corpses.


Maybe I am the lucky one.

RIP Not so Lucky Fish.


Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

someone's lucky...

Dumblond said...

Such drama in a fish tank! Can I have my kids read these posts so they can stop bugging the crap out of me for pet fish?
I mean, it's all to avoid heartache, right? Yeah, that's what I'm about...

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