United States of Motherhood: Warring: Swimming, Symptoms, and Nerves

Monday, September 14, 2009

Warring: Swimming, Symptoms, and Nerves

Well helloooo there. It's been a while. Been busy with swimming drama for the kids and more importantly, health issues.

The swimming drama?

Well, it's drama and it's just a shame that the adults and so called coaching professionals that started this schism didn't think of the kids when they began this war.

That's all I will say.

It seems to be solving itself and the end result is a huge improvement in coaching and our family time commitments.

Yes, sometimes, bad things happen for a reason.

Is war ever good? Methinks yes. Spurs catharsis. I have a feeling, in the end, the warring is going to be a very good thing for our family.

Short term? We already are getting an hour and a half back each and every day because our practices now overlap. Sqweee!

My kids get to walk home rather than stressing out while they cram their bodies into swim suits at red lights. They can get their homework done at home rather than in the fumes of a poorly lit, stinky pool.

As for health problems, started my week-end having a tumor treated in my hand on Friday .

It was making everyday movements like shaking hands, using a bar of soap, and yes, surprise, typing very painful.

I will blame my absence here on it and not the usual procrastination.

What? You say I've been on twitter and FB?

Naaaah. Hush now, my children.

The tumor was nothing too serious.

A suspected Ganglion Cyst or Giant Cell Tendon Sheath Tumor with possible Trigger finger.



Trigger finger!

Maybe that's why the TMI on my blog? I hit submit before thinking it through...

Soooo, injections of steroids and pain killers deep into the tumor/joint area, hitting a few nerves on the way,was excruciating. There's a 50 percent chance it won't come back.

If it does, I have a hand surgery and biopsy in my future.

At the end of the procedure, I got a numb right handful of brochures with which to purchase and load over $700 in Costco groceries in to my car.

What? You see something interesting in my pic of the brochures? No, madam, you are mistaken. That brochure on right does not say c-word. I refuse to see it. Fingers in ears and eyes squeezed tight. Na-na-na...

Now the groceries? That was procrastination. I hadn't shopped in over three weeks. Darn swimming makes for huge appetites for kids already hitting the puberty train.

Unloading vats of spaghetti sauce and farking crates of mac 'n cheese with throbbing hand when it came time to unload car? Priceless.

Then today, I started the work week with a early morning ultrasound.

Nope, not my pelvic area. Been there, done that and still haven't found resolve and time to make something happen there whether it be hysterectomy or ablation.

Nope, this is entirely new trix my body is playing.

This is mah leeeev-aaah. Yep, going cold turkey on pain killers and alcohol still ended up with lab results indicating I'm abnormal. Inflamed. Heh. Me? Inflammatory? Nothing new there.

So today, I watched a technician take 61 images of my liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, and aortic valve. If it wasn't my organs, I would have been way more intrigued with my penchance for the medical reality shows.

Alas, at the end, I didn't like the result. I've been through many an ultrasound with pregnancies and pelvic issues. If there's nothing palpable in the results, the tech has always assured me they found nothing with the "Of course, you'll have to wait for the final findings from your doctor."

This time?

Uhhhh? No quick assurances

This time, instead, the technician asked if I had already set up an appointment with my doctor.

When I said no, she said cryptically that she was sure "My doctor would be getting in contact with me."

This was same tech that I discussed pregnancy ultrasounds, why I was there with no symptoms except lab results, and smiles at the beginning of exam.

Suddenly, there was something in her eyes that I couldn't read.

Maybe I am just paranoid, but wouldn't it be my luck that after all these years with no reasons for terrible, life affecting symptoms, I could have something serious, symptom-less, and silent that I never knew was there?

Feeling a little fragile and nervous. I've already made the appointment for next Monday.


Yep, another week of waiting needed so my doctor could conference with lab. Routine I am told. Feeling like chopped liver.

Anyone wanna buy me this t-shirt on left? Hint!

Thx for the Flickr pics by Remon Rijper and flowers & machinery


Psst: Let's end positively. Wanna free set of Harry potter books? Enter my contest here. Very good odds, my friends. I promise. Pretty please?


Carrie said...

Sorry to hear about the liver stuff. Sounds stressful. Hopefully the week will go quickly and then the doctor will have good news for you at your next appointment.

I had a ganglion cyst in my left wrist a few years ago. Had it aspirated once (while I was living in Ukraine, no less), then it came back. And I was going to have it treated again, and then I fell one day when walking and landed on my wrist and bent it backwards, and the cyst popped. Weird but true. Probably not the recommended course of treatment though :)

JayInYoFace said...

Sending good thoughts and energy your way!

Also, I had written out a painfully long entry for your Harry Potter giveaway...then my laptop shut off before I could add it!! BS!BS!BS!

I will enter later, but know my original entry was THE BEST.

Dumblond said...

Glad to hear the swimming fiasco has worked out for you all.
Not so glad about your health problems. I hope everything goes okay at the doctor.

Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts to your liver, cross fingers it's nothing serious. I don't think they would let you wait a week if it was sinister, but I am sure it's hard not to worry in the meantime.

I am bitterly jealous that you have been diagnosed with Trigger Finger. That should have been my disease, goddamnit.


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