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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Toe-Gazing: Top Ten Belated Blog Anniversary

I've been blogging since December 2006...well with a few teensy breaks here and there for sanity.

You've heard of navel gazing?

Well this blog takes it a mighty little bit further.

I blog the inane and insane so I think it's more appropriate to call it a toe-gazing blog.

Yep, there's no filter here, my friends. Really. None. It's a guilty pleasure to write and I know for some of you it's a guilty pleasure to read because you've told me so. No shame in that.

I have flaws and I like to read about flawed people myself.

What's the fun of reading about perfect Betty in her perfect house with her perfect kids and most perfect sex life, eh?

(However, yes those are my perfect toes because me likey the shoes as if you didn't know...)

This blog started as a way to walk a tightrope and keep my sanity after moving away from friends, family, and my support system to Washington from California. I was moving to place unknown picked out on the Internet with three kids, two dogs, a loving husband, and high hopes and a huge mortgage. We moved to an affluent area which at times made me feel out of my depth. A simple, previous military wife and PTA mom in a very different world. A fish out of water. Did I mention the huge mortgage and this strange contagion to keep up with the Jones'?

No worries. I am generally cured.

Yes, the focus changed.

In time, this blog became how I worked out my marriage issues with a husband that also blogs. We work out serious issues and even when he tries to poison me. Then tries to poison me again. And? Le sigh. Again.

It turned into poignant memories blogged for my children so they would have a piece of the puzzle of really knowing who their mother was as a person when they were kids. I even discuss their substance abuse problems. Heh!

It evolved into a testament of my love for my family and a reflection of the no holds barred me.

It turned into a search for like-minded bloggers, friends, and readers who I could reach out to with my various health issues and losses of loved ones--both family and just as heartbreaking, the furry kind.

I dearly love the friends I have met through this blog especially over the hard times this last year and I hope you all know who you are because there are just too many to enumerate.

Foremost though this crazy meandering of my mind was the catharsis of writing down everything and nothing and I am incredibly proud of this record.

However, there are times I look at this blog and absolutely cringe.


I think I cannot believe I said that. Really? I wrote that.

When friends and neighbors approach me saying they happened upon my blog, my mind goes into overdrive.

Someday this little writing of mine is going to get me in big trouble...

They are usually very positive, but please let it be known each time my mind is furiously cataloging post after post and realizing this person knows some of the most intimate details of my life, my marriage, my health, and my twisted sense of humor.

Even better, they tell me they read the post where I stole their apples...Got me! (Hey Susan!)

Or worse, when family members with different values discovered my blog and were hurt by my no bones bared honesty. I almost stopped blogging at that point...

In the end though, I do not regret starting this journey. It's been fun. It's been cathartic. And Jim Howdy, sometimes it is even a little teeny bit lucrative and pays for sushi and burritos. Whoop! I am a working woman, people! Heh!

So last September marked the official beginning of me blogging in earnest and taking over my own domain.

And I forgot to commemorate it.

However, I wanted to do a shout out to all you readers and bloggers out there. I appreciate every one of you. I puffy heart love your comments that make me think, support me, or even downright disagree with me. It keeps me on my toes. I am terrible at responding, but believe me I read and re-read every single one of your comments with glee.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for coming. 187,000 page views last year? Wow! You guys just rock, rock, and rock some more.

I thought I might end with just a recap to embarrass me a bit more to anyone who I know in my everyday life who find this blog. Perhaps you missed some of these? My top ten visited posts viewed of last year are below in no order. Feel free to click away:





#7 #8 #9

Happy reading and thank you again, my friends. It's been a pleasure. It truly has.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you in return. I love your blog. The subjects, the humor, the writing and the writer herself. I forward to every post that arrives. I am always really anxious to read it. Congratulations on you r success with your blog. That is a lot of visitors. You are truly one of a kind in every way, and that in my eyes is a great thing.

Dumblond said...

Happy Blogaversary!
I have been truly blessed finding your blog. You make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me want to be like you!
Please don't stop posting!

Leslie said...

Oh, for fuck's sake. You freaked me out! I kept thinking, "She's going to say she's quitting. Oh, no. She's quitting." So glad you're not. Are you? You're not quitting.

Happy Blogaversary! (Don't quit.) I love your blog. Love you. Love your windy comments. Congratulations.

Molly said...

i love you big sis. though i may not comment very often i do read avidly...my favorite post is still the neighbor kids poop infested bathroom. had me rolling. anyhoo keep up the good work!

carrie said...

Happy belated bog "whatever the heck it is" day! :) But really, thank you for baring all, and for being you.

This place wouldn't be the same withoutcha!

Edie Mindell said...

Hi. I love your blog because you always talk everything you want to tell us your fellow bloggers. You are an intelligent, straightforward woman with substance. I just want to say that I enjoy every post I read here. Thank you for sharing your life and your family to us. Happy belated anniversary for your blog. Keep smiling.:-)

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