United States of Motherhood: Dear Costco: With Love From Your #1 Stalker (And Loyal Customer)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Costco: With Love From Your #1 Stalker (And Loyal Customer)

As some of you know well all of you would know if you went through and read every post like good little readers, I have this addiction.

An addiction for a deal.

A discount.

An addiction for the bulk.

I want it all.

An addiction to keeping my shelves full with teenage swimmers.

I call it Costco.

Yep, Costco. Well Costco and blogging.

Yep, we go way back. Yes, way back. No, even further than that!

I am Costco's best cheerleader and would do the splits if I could and honestly at my most nimble, flexy teenagerhood, I still couldn't ever do the splits which has been one of my life's greatest disappointments. Ask CG. He's disappointed too! And jealous...

He is so totally jealous of the time I spend with my economically-sound-executive -membership-has-it's-privileges-shelves-and-shelves-of-Skippy-peanut-butter-Take-me-Now Costco lovah.

Yep, suffice it to say I got a $202 bonus from Costco one year alone. I am not too proud. I'll take their money.

But? Flabbering jaywookles, people.

That means I spent $20,200 American dollars my hard working CG earned to buy 25 lb. bags of flour, vats of Salsa Fresca, 2-packs of tortellini, flats of black beans, gadzillion gallons of milk and cheerios, two special sized packs of {squee} NUTELLA, and, oh the humanity, crates and crates of bananas.

I am a Costco whore and proud of it.

But this year, there is something else I am coveting.

Yes, my friends, I want to go to BlogHer, but the credit cards are carrying a heavy load from CG's MBA tuition bills (even the purty matchy green one I put on my minty pony) and the mortgage must be paid.

I wouldn't feel right adding more to our debt load when my addiction helped get us here in the first place.

So I'm a-hunting me a sponsor.

I know. I know. We bloggers are supposed to have pride and blog with credibility. Yada yada.

People? This is me being super credible that I lurve me some Costco, I live 10 minutes from Costco global headquarters, and for once I want a little something back for telling the world of my adoration.

No, they have not paid me to say that, but wouldn't it be nice if they would? Hee!

A little itch.

A little scratch.

You know maybe a flight and hotel room through your concierge travel service to Blogher so I can call to my fellow Mommy beeches and astound them with your bounty.

Come on! I bought a flat screen TV and 3 mattress sets from you.

{Patting said mattress} Come give this mama a little sumpin', sumpin'.

I'll be waiting.



In the meantime, my friends, can you help me get the word out, pretty please?

Twitter, Stumble, Digg, whatever is your deal so #Costco or is it @Costco hears me?

Leave a comment, twitter this up or link on your best Costco story and one of you readers is going to get a special super duper treat.

Something from...oh...where should I get it?

Oh, yes, something rather special from Costco courtesy of me and my minty green pony. So I beg of you: Start commenting, fluttering, squawking, and tweeting. We want to get Costco's attention, m'kay?

More details coming soon. As for Costco? You-hoo, Costco? You listening?

Costco, {country twang}, I can't quit you.

Love, Your #1 Costco Stalker.



Erin said...

I lurve me some Costco too. Someday when I have room to store stuff I am toooootally doing all of my shopping there!

Betsy @JavaCupcake said...

just found your blog!!!

It's awesome! :) I'm in Tacoma, lived in WA my whole life!!

Thanks for making me giggle this morning!


Dumblond said...

Good luck with that.
I wouldn't mind heading to Blogher this year too but I got braces to pay for, decks to replace, a possible new vehicle...yeah. Not gonna happen.

Molly said...

you must go pray at the costco god temple..good luck. :D

monstergirlee said...

I squee'd!!! when I found out they had Costco in Mpls (went for a long visit to my parents.)
Wish I could help.
I too love Costco. I swear I make incomplete lists just so I can go 2 or 3 times a week. mmmmm... Costco....
Good luck.

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