United States of Motherhood: Growing Up Too Quickly

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Growing Up Too Quickly

One day, they are your little boy...

... and then you wake up one day and they look like this:

And this:

And you realize you have a mere four years left until they leave your home forever.

And a small part of your heart cracks.

And then you see this:

And you realize you little boy is still in there.

And he will always be there in that cracked heart of yours.


BOSSY said...

TELL Bossy about it. Sigh.

Dumblond said...

No, no, no. Do not get me going with the waterworks. My boy is turning eleven next month and every birthday now just stabs me through the heart. I don't think I was meant to handle pre-teens!

Honor said...

I have my very own 14-year-old boy, so I understand your feelings exactly. He even looks an awful lot like yours. They definitely grow up far too fast.

Love your blog. :)

Honor said...

P.S. First time visitor, so I just realized you call yourself Scout's Honor...is your name Honor too? If so, there aren't many of us!

Jeanne Sager said...

Tooootally feel you - my kid kept asking if the end of nursery school winter break meant going to kindergarten. And even now that's the repeated request - can I go to kindergarten yet? AAACK

Cajun Chef Ryan said...

Yes, totally!!! And as they grow up the days seem to get shorter and time flies on by faster and faster with each passing year.

Cherish every moment you have together with your family.


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