United States of Motherhood: Oh, Good Gawd: WHY Bear?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh, Good Gawd: WHY Bear?

Used to think Bear was hawt? Erm, after this, not so much:

What the ever living fuck? I let my kids watch this show! Gah!


Em said...

LOL - I don't care.

That's how hot I think he is.

Survive Bear, survive!

JayInYoFace said...

I watched this a few days ago...pretty funny/sick. I still love me some Bear, and the way he says VITAMINS!

Scout's Honor said...

Ladies I have three words for you:

Bird. Shit. Enema.

That is not hawt in no stretch of the imagination. Period.


Imagine those stank ass underwear. Bleck. Because what goes up, must come down!! Gah!


kris said...

I always wonder how his wife finds him sexually appealing after he eats tasty morsels like sheep's eyes boiled in a geothermal pool. But this? This crap topped even that. (HI-YOH!)

Java Cupcake said...


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