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Monday, March 29, 2010

Cooking With CG: Puerco Pibil

I went shopping for annato seeds today.  What are annato seeds? 

Why they are achiote seeds of course.

What's that?

A Mexican spice that my husband has been known to drive 45 minutes to procure for his....ahem...well Richard Rodriguez's fabulous Puerco Pibil.  Sadly, our local Hispanic foods market burned down.

Instead, I drove the 50 minutes round trip to Bellevue. I'd laugh if you said it sounded like I was being a dutiful wife harvesting the herbs for my man's meat, but it just happened my car was in the shop and dinner is for my visiting brother.

I stocked up.  Bought nine different forms of achiote. Then discovered a fabulous bakery called Fuji with amazingly strange pastries like curry doughnuts and salt danishes.  Soooo good and now it's likely  I will not be there in a while since I stocked up on said spice.  Sigh.

Back at home, CG's making the marinade.  He's grinding the annato seed, squeezing fresh lemon and adding in the chopped habernos he prepared earlier.  The same said habeneros that had him horking at breakfast because he used his haberno-tainted hand to take his vitamins at breakfast. 

So I help him add the marinade to the pork I chopped up into meaty chunks earlier.

He cautioned me not to rub my eyes, nose, or any mucous membranes.  Yes, being CG, he also listed the vajajay.  Yes, dear husband, in your ridiculous fantasy world, women touch themselves and pick their noses while cooking.  Gah!

CG: Yeah don't pick your nose. Or your eyes or mother mucous membranes.  Or ...don't touch your Vajita.

ME: Hey, the vajitto is a mucous membrane.

CG: Duh.  That's why I included it with your eyes and nose.

Me: Hey, that's means wimmins have more mucous membranes than their mens. Hee!

CG: Yes, girls are snotty.

He laughed.  I laughed. 

CG: {With glee} I knew I should list 'em out because at the end, there are more fun mucous membranes.

 So, hopefully my brother, who is visiting and coming to dinner tonight doesn't read this, but there's no appetite killer more potent than eating pork while thinking of your sister's mucous membranes.  Eww!

Want the recipe?  Watch this 10 minute Cooking School of Robert Rodriguez:

Yes, this is the director of El Mariachi, Once Upon a time in Mexico, and for us mommies, Spy Kids, The Adeventures of Shark Boy vs Lava Girl, and Shorts.

P.S. And, yes, I know the dastardly Johnny Depp is in the cooking school.  Boo Hiss! Heh!


carrie said...

I don't have anything witty to say, you just make me laugh.

That is all.

Beau said...

Habaneros are dangerous! Even the slightest touch can transfer their cruel, chemical agents.


Thanks for driving all over for those ingredients, it paid off. Dinner was quite yummy.

Fran said...

Sounds like a great dinner! I have two giant spice bottles full of achiote seeds in my pantry right now. My sister brings them with her from Guam when she visits. The local chile peppers aren't as hot as habaneros, but I've gotten my share of hot oils in the eyes and nose. I'm very happy to say that I have no idea what it would feel like on other mucous membranes!

P.S. The conversations you have with your family are hilarious!

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