United States of Motherhood: Death Knell of Scout's Teenage Heart

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Death Knell of Scout's Teenage Heart

First, it was Judd during the touching tribute to late director John Hughes at Sunday's Academy Awards:

Then there was a death of one of the Coreys this week.

Sigh.  Did you hear that?  My '80's teenage heart throb crushes are crushed.  Stabbed through the heart. Dead.  Splat.

Oh, wait, there's still Christian:

O.K. All better.  My teenage heart in this 37 year old body still throbs.

By the way, I'm on Facebook, my friends.  Just saying. 

If you want.  You know.  {Kicking dirt with my toe} Check it out?


zuperzee said...

I know right? Part of our youth, down the drain... I so remember Lost Boys!

And Christian, oh yea, he be a hottie!

I would soooo totally add you to FB, but since I gave it up for Lent, don't look for me until after Easter! :-)

Fran Magbual said...

I liked Scott Baio when I was a teen, and I refuse to google him to see what he looks like now lest that teen girl in me gets her heart crushed too!

Neva Flores said...

Christian Slater rocks!

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