United States of Motherhood: Shame on H & M Again: Sexualizing Pre-Teens

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shame on H & M Again: Sexualizing Pre-Teens

Have you seen this?

Sorry, all this inappropriate booty shaking of pre-pubescent girls and little boys does not make me want to purchase their clothes for my three kids.

All the chest shaking is way too mature and does little to make me want my 10 year old daughter to mimic their choices and hence fashion.

Especially after finding out H&M cuts up unsold perfectly usable clothes rather than donating them, I am pretty sure I won't be gracing their establishment with my dollars.  Sad really because I like their clothes.



Carrie said...

Oh, both of those things make me ill. Not right.

carrie said...

I don't like the cutting up clothes thing...but honestly? I didn't have a prob w/the choreography.


TxTriSkatemom said...

ugh - I only made it through about a minute before the little girls thrusting like fly girls made me ill. It's gross for H&M to do that, but also, what about the girls' parents? I would not allow my daughter to do that kind of dance move, and especially not on the street corner.

Scout's Honor said...

Hey there,

Carrie 1: Heh! Two Carries in a row! Yep, made me ill!

Carrie2:No need to duck Carrie, but maybe you missed some of the moves. You know me. :)I seek differing opinions. That said, do me a favor and check it out again and pay particular attention to:

:45-:51 Butt shaking of little girls
1:19-1:21 Booty shaking again
1:31-1:33 Buttocks flapping on little tushes again
1:40-1:43 Butt shaking again
2:08-2:10 Hair swinging and chest gyrating on little pre-pubescent girls
4:01-4:05 Again chest gyrations

All these moves are pretty darn suggestive--little kids or not.

TrTriSkatemom: Exactly!! What were their parents thinking. Ugh!


Scout's Honor said...

Missed one: 2:38-2:40

Again inappropriate for small kids in front of who knows on a public street.

Once or twice, I'd say it was just one kid acting a bit too mature for her age, but 7 different moves of chest shaking and butt shaking and I call this a deliberate routine.


Jennifer G. said...

I'm with you. Not appropriate AT ALL. The gyrating thing had me sick to my stomach. This would have been fabulous if they hadn't GONE THERE...

Dumblond said...

I wonder if the choreographer knew who they were making this routine up for when they did it...And then decided once they saw it was pre-teens, oh well, I don't feel like changing it.
I was uncomfortable with the pelvic thrusts and what not. But it's actually the clothes thing that has me more pissed. There is no reason for waste like that.

carrie said...

:) I didn't miss anything - and yes, there is a fair amount (a lot) of butt shaking and booty slapping, but I'm still not overly-offended. Maybe because we have a good friend whose daughter has been in competitive dance since she was my daughters age (6yo - now she's 17yo) and this kind of choreography is REALLY common in modern dance. Maybe because I took a lot of dance as a child also and the moves weren't necessarily "suggestive" but they definitely weren't "I'm a little teacup-like."

I think it's all in how you look at it. The actions aren't sexual in nature - except maybe hip thrusting (but again, interpretation). I didn't notice any crotch grabbing, which would have totally grossed me out but then again, is that my own reaction based on the sexualized society I was raised in, or is it really trying to convey little kids as sexual objects?

I guess for me, having seen (and I'm sure you have too, you're an educated lady) other cultures dancing for centuries, tribal or not, in ways that would seem odd or unfamiliar to us, makes me thinkg that hey - it's not meant to be taken *that* way. Who knows, maybe I'm really off base? I have a young daughter, and I'm pretty militant when it comes to things I'll allow into her life here at home but I'd have no problem w/showing her that video.

That said, I've seen other things that just make me fly off the handle - like Miley Cyrus singing suggestive lines w/Bret Michaels (whom I secretly love even though he's a walking std). And the "grown up" version of Dora completely hacks me off. Why did they need to do that? These things are (to me) BLATANT use of "maturity" aimed at a young audience - except for the Miley Cyrus thing, that's just a kiddie idol growing up and making poor choices.

I guess, to me that's the difference.

Sorry to ramble.

Lots of coffee this morning.

the wood rabbit said...

I didn't think it was that bad, to be honest. It's a classic "move" most likely standard in any beginning hip hop dance class. Now, should children that young be learning hip hop... that's really a parental choice but consider WHY the choice is made first.
My daughters best friend (dancing since preschool) took hip hop after taking all of the other dance courses offered through her local studio. This is a typical progression for a well rounded dancer/performer.
The kids on this video aren't neighborhood kids who have never danced who were recruited for a flash mob via the internet - these are young performers who have been trained and what they are doing is really no different than what they do in competitions, except in this video, they are wearing far looser clothes that cover up way more.

I do have a huge problem with the cutting of the clothes though. H&M isn't the only store guilty of such either. Now see, that is absolutely revolting.

JamaGenie said...

If the music and dancing were about half the speed, it definitely *would* be sexually suggestive. What I saw, rather, was a bunch of healthy kids in GREAT condition doing a wonderful full-body workout. A workout that should be *mandatory* at some point of the day in ALL American schools to combat obesity.

Cutting up unsold clothes, tho, is just plain WRONG. Anybody know H&M's logic in this deplorable policy?

Anonymous said...

that's nothing, it's just some kids dancing, it's not sexually suggestive at all.
i'm sure you guys would think how i dance and dress even though i do have a 6 y/o son would be considered 'sexually' suggestive but it's what you feel in your heard that gives the dance moves when you just go with the beat when you dance.

it's barely even sexual compared to anything what i've seen my son does look up girls skirts sometimes though because i told him how my father used to do that now he just uses it for attention or to be funny, but it's not so bad when you've seen some 10 y/o's already pregnant and getting raped by family members.

Anonymous said...

Hahah thiss is hilarious! Those moves are in no way sexual and are moves taught in every hip hop class. This is just parents over analyzing every little detail when instead they should praise these kids on all the hard work they've put in to becoming such good dancers at such a young age. I'd probably bet that not one person watching that routine at the time saw it as sexual, but simply fun loving and something that brightened their day. By saying its sexualized takes away from that and I think that is the real issue here.

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