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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spa Treatments in Unlikely Places: Take Advantage


I had a 40 minute foot rub on Monday.  Professional foot rub. With scented lotion.

It was accompanied by a paraffin wax hand treatment and scented candles.

While I wore shades and watched the TV overhead.

So relaxing.

The most relaxing teeth cleaning I have ever had and I rarely  floss (shame!), so teeth cleanings are usually not so fun. There was no scolding though.  Just a friendly, concerned hygienist and dentist who took lots of time to discuss toothpastes and cold sensitivities.

Afterward, I was offered and accepted an espresso from their array of juices and water and tasty beverages and snacks and huge bowls of gum.

All the while deep wood gleamed, flat screens flashed, and spa candles glowed.

No, before you say it, no, I paid no more than my husband who goes to his family dentist without overhead television, massages, and wax treatments. I paid less than my kids who go to a pediatric dentist and get sticky hands and video games in the lobby.

By the way, this is a brother team , one a Ryan Seacrest doppelganger, who gave me the least pain free crown replacement I have ever had and one a young family guy with the best dental chair-side treatment everThey also comped me $900 in treatment when there was a mix up and they told me insurance would cover it...and it didn't.

So these dentists?  Walk on water.

I got busy in the last year and actually skipped a cleaning for 13 months.  Yikes!  Believe you me with free foot massages and your choice of hand massages or paraffin wax, I will not be missing anymore.  In fact, I am thinking I might need to get in a bit earlier.  I scheduled my next appointment the week after school starts in the fall because I think I'll need a massage then. Heh!

So why am I telling you this? I never knew dentists like this existed.  No, my friends, these are not our mothers' dentists.

I paid far more for no frills, painful treatment in California. 

I am thinking as the economy languishes more people are skipping appointments which means dentists are hungry for your business.  Start shopping and find one more value-added like mine. The bargain shopper in me tells you to do it today.

And if you live in the Seattle area?  Go check them out ... just save some massage time for me.

Note: No, I was not paid to write this nor do my dentists even know I wrote this or am a blogger.  Just a big fan!


Veronica said...

I don't want to hear about your wonderful dentists. LALALALALALAAA. (Imagine me with my hands in my ears, singing. Okay, not my hands, I'm using them for typing. A small toddler is definitely trying to cover my eyes to prevent me seeing all about it.

Grumble grumble grumble.

JamaGenie said...

Before I changed jobs and moved to a different town, I thought I was heaven because my dentist provided "muff" earphones and an extensive range of music to listen to while he worked. But his assistant never touched my feet. You've definitely found a pair of keepers in Seattle!

Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

Nothing like a good spa candle to freshen up a bathroom or use by a hot tub.

Honor said...

I'm almost tempted to make the 8-hour round-trip from Spokane just to visit someone who's not a sadist. I definitely have no fond feelings for my dentist (though it could be the snotty receptionist who sours me on the whole practice). Glad you found someone so aamzing - almost makes it not so terrible to go!

(My apologies of this posts multiple times...I can't get my Google login to take)

Dana said...

You just made me so happy!! New dentist here I come!!

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