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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Filed Under Another WTF Happened to Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera

My 13 year old son is so wise beyond his years.  He walks by as this below plays on my laptop.  I sit there and am open-mouth shocked.

His response?

"I can see why she's not on Hannah Montana anymore"

My response?

Her husky, country twang will never be Lady Gaga and when did slut come so into fashion?  Case in point, Christina Aquilera's latest.



Dumblond said...

Whoa! When did Miley make that leap? Isn't she still underage?
The Christina Aguilera video is not a surprise. She's always been slutastic.

Beau said...

Christina Aguilera was on Hannah Montana? When - was there ever a time when she wasn't slutastic?

Miley did something vaguely pole dancing at some kids award video... She's on a downward spiral.

pegasuslegend said...

A product of her envirement, her mothers her agent, her father is well lets not go there, and this song will be off the charts so she doesnt care......she's going to make Britany look like a saint. Great post btw :)

Hope said...

oh gawd. that was terrible. Can't Lady Gaga be the only GaGa. Christina had come so far from Xtina, and now she's dirrrrty again. good grief. As far as miley goes, i got bored with that video. and the song isn't catchy. They need to listen to Pink's Stupid Girl.

deets007 said...


Just perused the videos mentioned in your post. I hadn't been keeping up with either "artist" and while I found the videos somewhat shocking, neither is really a surprise. Case in point, Linday Lohan - she was cute and innocent once - remember Parent Trap? I guess sex sells and really twisted stuff(well, that is what I would categorize Christina Aquilera's video) must have an audience as well. Some of this stuff makes Madonna look tame and I remember when she was considered outrageous.

Debbie said...

Found myself thinking the same thing -- remember when Madonna was the outrageous one?! Wonder what she makes of all this now? My 13 yr old is so-o-o-o banned from watching music videos!

deets007 said...

I also wonder if these performers will see things differently when they are mothers of impressionable young children. But then I had thought Christina was cleaning up her act (didn't she recently have a baby?) Apparently I was mistaken. LOL I believe Madonna has strict tv watching rules for her kids but I haven't really followed her lately.

feefifoto said...

She thinks she's being artistic.

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