United States of Motherhood: Mommy-Supplied Vodka Ends in Rape and Stabbing

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mommy-Supplied Vodka Ends in Rape and Stabbing


Just curious: Have you or will you provide alcohol to your teens?


Jordan Hardy said...

Well, first of all, when I'm a parent, I'm not giving my kids alcohol.

That said, there's a difference between giving your kids a glass of wine for culture, and giving them half a gallon of liquor so they get smashed. This mother was, I think, grossly negligent.

Dumblond said...

This story is so creepy. I just can't get over the age of these kids. I really hope that woman gets punished in some way.

Amelia said...

Nope, we don't drink and don't have it in the house. We were at a dinner party two years ago that got very winey and beery, and we just looked around at everyone (we were both sober due to me nursing & hubby driving) and we just went 'yuck'. Since then, not a drop. We are old before our time ;P

But no, giving alcohol to kids smacks of trying to be the cool parent, just silly.

Lori E said...

I was a fairly cool mom when my youngest son was in high school. He was on the basketball team and I was about the only parent around during the day.
I fed these giant 14+ year old boys every day after school and they played ball in our drive way daily.
My son actually said to his friends once when they were talking very openly about girls "you know my mom is standing right here" to which they replied that I was one of the group.
These boy were at my house for years and never would I allow them to have alcohol. I wouldn't supply it, I wouldn't allow it at my home...for the kids...adults can make their own choices.
These boys even could buy their own liquor because they looked much older but they were never allowed to drink it at our home.
The son I speak of is now a bartender and he agrees that they should not be allowed alcohol by adults. The cool parent is the one who can make kids feel safe and responsible.

Donata said...

ahh...no, no, no, and no. Once the legality issue is breeched nothing is off limits. I'm just speaking from experience...and I can't believe you went there in the previous posts...with the older boys, I thought my jokes about long showers were pushing it. Your realism is most appreciated.

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