United States of Motherhood: I'm Dreaming of a White....Thanksgiving

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White....Thanksgiving

My backyard at 11 AM today

And there she blizzards... The kids were crushed to find out the few flakes yesterday (missed during a swim meet) did not convince the school district to cancel school this morning for a much wished for snow day.

Another view from the kitchen window

Now a mere couple of hours later, snug in their classrooms, mother nature smugly sends white wishes their way.

The snow is a-coming!

The school district sends a flurry of emails that fill my in box.

Yes, basketball for PB is canceled.

Yes, HS Swim for Eldest is canceled.

Yes, the high school parents meeting is canceled.

Yes, even club swim is canceled.

Yes, the school district might cancel tomorrow for good measure as well and already are making plans for Wednesday--over about 1 inch of snow.


Heh! The Alaska girl in me laughs. Even at 50 below? While we lived there, Fairbanks didn't cancel school...or even bother to plow with 12 inches. Pansies!

Any way, wherever you are, in snow or in sun, I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

Mmmm! Thanksgiving 2009

For myself, I am crossing my fingers it sticks until Thursday for snowballs fights after turkey and stuffing to work off those sweet potato thighs!! Thank you again, mother nature...


Fran said...

I guess "extreme" weather depends on what normal is for a region. I grew up on Guam where tropical storms (winds exceeding 75mph) and typhoons (tropical cyclones) happen regularly, so I reacted like you did to your snow day the first time school was closed here because of high wind advisories. I believe it was gusts of 50mph. :-)

Sophie said...

Extreme weather for me is anything approaching zero.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Aeptah said...

If this year's table looks anything like last year's table... I want to come to your house for turkey day!!
Have a GREAT day! And remember, it's really O.K. to say No to seconds, thirds, etc. lol

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