United States of Motherhood: Natch Another Nasty Habit Down to My Husband

Monday, November 29, 2010

Natch Another Nasty Habit Down to My Husband

My husband just washed his mouth out with soap...accidentally. He ran to the bathroom to rinse his mouth out furiously.

He said he had something "sticky" on his finger...

Soooo of course he licked it?! Seriously? Ewww! Who licks sticky substances of unknown origins in a house with three children??

Turns out it was laundry soap that he had closed moments before, but I think it's still a good thing.

If I need to pucker up to that mouth, that apparently licks anything sticky in this house, he damn well better sanitize it. We won't even discuss his 2,589 second rule of food on the ground.

Husbands are gross! It's official.


Beau said...

You said it in the first line, I washed my mouth out. Its clean now. With organic laundry detergent.

And you forget that only a few minutes earlier, you liked the raspberry chile chutney from my finger. Sure you thought that it was the mangled tip of my finger at first, but you put in into your mouth and slowly ran your tongue over it.

Ahh, where has that finger been!

Scout's Honor said...

Ewww! Stop it. Yer scaring away mah readers!

Molly said...

so i totally feel you on this one...this coming from the wife of husband who accidentally ate (yes consumed) baby feces...thinking it was chocolate. gag gag gag...i have no explanation whatsoever.

Scout's Honor said...

o sweet baby cheesus! Molly! I just dry heaved at the Bellevue Starfucks.


Okay, I'm better now.


Details. I want details!! This brings new meaning to shit-eating grin.


Amelia said...

Take him outside and hose him down for good measure. Better safe than sorry.

This Daddy said...

That is too funny. See me I would have to use Hot Sauce before soap. Hot Sauce kills the taste of anything.

Can you say Finger Lickin' Good

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