United States of Motherhood: November 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Natch Another Nasty Habit Down to My Husband

My husband just washed his mouth out with soap...accidentally. He ran to the bathroom to rinse his mouth out furiously.

He said he had something "sticky" on his finger...

Soooo of course he licked it?! Seriously? Ewww! Who licks sticky substances of unknown origins in a house with three children??

Turns out it was laundry soap that he had closed moments before, but I think it's still a good thing.

If I need to pucker up to that mouth, that apparently licks anything sticky in this house, he damn well better sanitize it. We won't even discuss his 2,589 second rule of food on the ground.

Husbands are gross! It's official.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Barbara Bush's Miscarriage is Fair Game?

Ummmm, no, no, bloody hell, no!

What is wrong with people. Yes, George W. wrote about the incident as a formative event for his opinion on the Choice/Life debate in his new book.

But, that doesn't mean people can or should rip her to shreds because the fetus was collected in a jar, does it??

When did judging how someone deals with grief and their health in the twilight of a personal tragedy become the topic for idle gossip and judging?

Just sick!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Snow Days Gods are Plotting Against Me!

Bloody Hell! This is what I get for complaining about snow days...

These kids left our garage open all night after so helpfully shoveling the front drive...

The furnace broke in the middle of the night, and we awoke to a house in the 50's and dropping fast...

Add idiots in Northwest don't know how to slide their car to the side of the road when they try to drive their sports cars in the snow and then abandon them, and the roads are mostly impassable. They should be shot.

In the meantime, murder fantasies aside, impassable means no snow plowing.

No snow plowing means we are stuck here.

About as cold inside as it is out

It took some friends 3 hours to go four miles in the snow last night.

Let me guess what our chances are to get the furnace guy out in his truck to repair the furnace today?


Did I mention I haven't bought one ounce of food for Thanksgiving which is now one day away?

Best yet? This above one gas fireplace, two ovens blasting and open, the one dusty, stinky portable heater dragged from the garage, and the dryer and dishwasher running on high/extra heat has only raised the room 1 degree in this monstrosity of a house?

Ahh....Love the smell of burning dust in the morning

The kids are going stir crazy and bouncing off the walls, but I'm afraid to send them out to get cold only to come back to a even more frigid house.

Caution Hot Ovens: Set at a balmy 550 degrees

That open oven is looking like a tempting place to rest my head.

With all this venting, the current temperature of this house is stubbornly a mere 58 degrees.

F@ck me standing! Bloody @#$%^& Hell.

Monday, November 22, 2010

In Answer to Their Prayers: SNOW DAY!!

Yep, school district called school early. Seriously!

Yes, my friends. SNOW DAY!!!

Can you see their palpable joy?

Can we say: "Let the CIRCUS begin!"

I'm Dreaming of a White....Thanksgiving

My backyard at 11 AM today

And there she blizzards... The kids were crushed to find out the few flakes yesterday (missed during a swim meet) did not convince the school district to cancel school this morning for a much wished for snow day.

Another view from the kitchen window

Now a mere couple of hours later, snug in their classrooms, mother nature smugly sends white wishes their way.

The snow is a-coming!

The school district sends a flurry of emails that fill my in box.

Yes, basketball for PB is canceled.

Yes, HS Swim for Eldest is canceled.

Yes, the high school parents meeting is canceled.

Yes, even club swim is canceled.

Yes, the school district might cancel tomorrow for good measure as well and already are making plans for Wednesday--over about 1 inch of snow.


Heh! The Alaska girl in me laughs. Even at 50 below? While we lived there, Fairbanks didn't cancel school...or even bother to plow with 12 inches. Pansies!

Any way, wherever you are, in snow or in sun, I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

Mmmm! Thanksgiving 2009

For myself, I am crossing my fingers it sticks until Thursday for snowballs fights after turkey and stuffing to work off those sweet potato thighs!! Thank you again, mother nature...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Heartsick About "Target"

This just makes me sick. This dog survived being in war, starved, shot, run over, a detonated bomb, paperwork to get here, and then a stupid kill shelter ends it in a snap!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Of Mohawks & Eight Year Olds: So Your Kid Has a Mohawk Pt. 2

I am following up on yesterday's post on Li'l man's fashion choices.

This story of hair discrimination and being barred from school is exactly why I worry about my son. Don't schools have more important things to be worrying about??

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mohawks & Eight Year Olds

This is my eight year old!

And this is my eight year old actually in a costume...

Yep, the liberty spikes in the first? After a long day in 3rd grade. Are we asking for trouble? He's always danced to a different tune and we've let him. He wants blue next.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Anniversaries, Sweet Treats, & Beseeching

Fourteen years ago this last week, two ROTC students who met at Cal met, married.

Fourteen years ago, my own personal fairy tale happened and I married the love of my life. It's been a solid fourteen years. Some ups, some downs. A few regrets and a lot more happy memories.

Not how I would have planned it, but exactly as it should be.

Sadly, with life and illness, we didn't do much celebrating. We had plans half-formed, distracted by this child's need or that. They never amounted to much. Tabled...

As a matter of fact, we didn't do much celebrating last year either. We postponed the plan for a week-end of wine-tasting.

Are we letting the practical day-to-day overtake the need to keep working on that love?


Neglecting the marriage for three incredibly busy, time-demanding kids?


Yet, that love is still strong. The bond holds even in this sweet post he wrote this week-end. We know that raising children, since we started so young is, but one phase in our lives.

We were changing diapers out of college rather than burning our oats and traveling the world. Today, our daily life revolves around geometry homework and shuttling to swim practices, football games, and leadership camps. A few short tomorrows, and it will revolve around dusty, unused bedrooms and college tuition payments.

In a little over a year, all our kids will be in double-digits of age. In a little over three, our Eldest will be off to college. When many friends our age are just starting their families, we will have an empty nest in less than a decade and counting quickly, too quickly, down...

Yes, fourteen years ago, two ROTC students at Cal met. Funny, I mentioned this week-end that the cosmos slowed me down with flu. The kids, forced to improvise, used what we had. I saved the boys Halloween pictures for this post.

Funny, they each chose a uniform stuffed in duffel bags long forgotten in the garage. One from CG and one of mine. Our two happy accidents, each wearing one of our name tagged BDUs:

Switching gears a bit, we call this one below "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."Yes, we went there....

In honor of my anniversary, the upcoming Veteran's Day, and both my husband's and my of our service to our country, I beseech you, my friends, to see the clarity that I do-- that gay and lesbian citizens and soldiers be afforded the same rights as everyone else in this fine country. The right to serve our country openly and the right to sanctify their love in marriage.

How hard is it to say that is we as a country ask the greatest sacrifice from them to defend our freedom to the death, that we grant them that same freedom?

And, if it comes to the ultimate sacrifice, their spouse be given that flag and be taken care of through death benefits? Seems fair?

I doubt that 90% of those who seek to prevent this have ever served a day for their country, much less risked their lives. Ironic, yes? They fear and they hate and yet don't step up to the plate themselves. Don't Ask, Don't Tell's days, temporary judicial stays aside, are numbered as are Prop. 8's. Can't they see? Love is Love.

Back to our family, we wish you and everyone the same love and strength of bond of which our family has been blessed for the last fourteen years! Everyone deserves this love. Everyone!

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