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Friday, January 7, 2011

Squee I Made Newsy

Ahhh... I can tell it's going to be a good week-end. I have a ridiculous grin on my face.

Why? Why!

Someone likes my cheeky writing. Squee!!

Multisource political news, world news, and entertainment news analysis by Newsy.com

You ask: How awesome is it to be quoted as a legitimate news source? Very awesome!!

You ask: How much more awesome is it when it includes a cheeky title that made you giggle as you were writing it and then you hear your words quoted in a well-modulated, serious, journalistic tone? Yes, she actually said, " A remarkable increase in women being 'banged' to death?" Priceless!!

My gawd! How did the news anchor keep such a straight face with that quote??

I am impressed. Heh!

You can find my original post at CafeMom's The Stir.

{Still smiling in Seattle}


Mom blog by Texasholly said...

Holy crap! That is really cool...I mean the quote, not the crime.

Hope said...

Congratulations on the quote! I am terribly queasy about the story itself. ugh.

Dumblond said...

Yeah, the story kinda skeeves me out.
But quoting your post?! How awesome is that?!!

Scout's Honor said...

You are guys are funny. Squee, but squeamish too.

Yep, the story freaked me out too. After a while writing at The Stir, I have been working to find stories that aren't so depressing. That said, they don't get commented on or read as much as stories like this. there is something about the human spirit curious about the train wrecks of humanity. Dunno!

But, hey, you got admit the anchor saying "banged to death" with a straight face was so awesome!!


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