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Sunday, November 6, 2011

On Blogging: Uh-Oh Outing Myself in the Issaquah Press

Yo guess who outed herself in the local newspaper?

When I first adventured out in diarrhea of the mouth speaking my mind, in public, on a blog, I went for the cop-out. I dubbed myself Scouts Honor and the rest was history.

Being anonymous let me write without filter. I talked about bullies, controversial politics, my kids' school woes, marital spats, frenemies, the preponderance of neighborhood trophy wives, and yes, my infamous uterus. Chit chat one might share share with a girlfriend over coffee, but might not ever cop to in public, now published, on the internet.

Over the years, my extended family found my blog and, oh @#$%$, there was drama. I learned to edit myself. Several very hard lessons and much tears later, I still managed to keep my name under wraps.

Then, last year, that all changed when my freelance work required use of my real name. I did not out myself lightly. I moaned. I whined. I ground my teeth and looked for loopholes. Finally I agreed because it was a great opportunity.

Even yet, my little blog business maintained a pretty deliberately crafted far-flung audience with only a few choice friends and neighbors knowing my double life truth. This blog was safely tucked away from neighborhood eyes and PTA boards. Heh!

Until. this. Week.

Click to read the Issaquah Press Parent Guide & Check out pages 27-28

A couple weeks back, I received a call from the local newspaper who wanted to do an article on the local mommy bloggers. I gulped and said yes.

The interview? Typical Scouty diarrhea mouth with beatific sound bites such as:

"There's no perfect marriage. There's no perfect kid. There's no perfect anything." she said in a recent interview. "I'm going to keep it real...If my uterus is bugging me today, I talk about my uterus. If it's my kids talking about masturbation, we talk about masturbation."

Ummmmm...Sorry kids. Yes, your friends' moms now know about almost every crazy conversation we've had over the kitchen table. So yep, guess who outed herself in the local Issaquah Press? Will I live to regret this? For those writers who've squirmed under the harsh glare of being outed, any advice?

Stay tuned...

Update: I've already been getting many a phone call and shout out from friends on Facebook. Ummm, please do tell what is the etiquette of chatting with someone at a Back-to-School meetings who knows I'm the loon who set her husband's shoes on fire?



Just Jennifer said...

Wow! I've never been anonymous, so I have no advice for you. But I think you're brave! I can't wait to hear how it all turns out.

Not Supermom said...


Most of my friends and family know who I am, but generally, I try to keep my name, and those of my kids, under wraps (though, I suppose if you're feeling stalker-riffic, you can track me down... it is the internet.)

I love your mouthiness. It's great. :-)

Angie said...

This is very cool! There are only a couple of family members who don't know about my blog. My mother outed me early on by printing off pieces and taking them to town and handing them out to her friends in offices and at coffee. SO glad I don't live there anymore! haha

How will you deal with your local celebrity status? It will be a great training ground for when you're world renowned! (you know like next month) :D

Molly said...

Can I have a signed copy of the article? Super cool and SUPER UBER proud of you! Bout time you get recognition for the amazingness that is your writing! Love ya!

kathy said...

You're gonna be famous. Family needs to stand back and let it happen. Bet your kids will support you, "Mom is famous and so are we!" Can't wait to hear the next chapter :)

Curt said...

I'm only writing a food blog, but yet I still get an occasional snicker or rolled eyes. But then, I really don't care. I love what I do, and I know why I do it.

I'd say there may be a few things you might want to think twice about when it gets on a personal level. Otherwise, no subject should be taboo!

More power to you. It's the controversial people that become recognized and successful!

Anne-Marie @ This Mama Cooks! said...

Congrats on the press coverage!

meleah rebeccah said...

muck like "Just Jennifer" I've never been anonymous either. So I don't have any advice.

But kudos to you for outing yourself AND for getting into the local news paper!

Mommy Cracked said...

I think it was very brave! I've never broadcasted my blogging to many people I know...just close friends and some family. I don't know what holds me back, so I can understand how you must be feeling right about now.

littleseattleobservationist said...

But actually, that's why you're awesome. Talking to kids about awkward conversations, things no one likes to talk about in public, means you're doing something great for them. :)

My mom always talked to me about all the weird stuff and now I'm pretty comfortable, imperfect/well-adjusted adult. At least I'm not freaking out as an adult over masturbation like MANY women my own age (20s). There are too many other things to worry about and things I need to know to enjoy :)

TMI. anyway, keep up the awesome work. It's hard, I know.. but.. someone's gotta speak out. That's what changes the world. :) I really believe in that.

Kristy said...

Truth always works out best in the end right? Or at least that's what Oprah says? :)

wagthedad said...

Oh, you are great. Blogging has made me love the U.S. again. Maybe I should come back. I'm so self-possessed, though, I think I'd LOVE it if I got to be in a book like that.

Just found you via Angie Uncovered and I will be back.

BTW I was lucky that I had to censor myself from the start because my mom reads every single post of mine and forwards them on to my family. Good thing I haven't said anything bad about them, although now everybody in my family knows that I once had sex with a pumpkin. Quite disturbing.

keepingmyselfaccountable said...

Who cares that you're outed because your hair looks awesome. So at least there's that!

Martini Mom said...

I blog kind of annonymously (meaning I don't broadcast my identity, but I leave enough clues that someone could figure it out if they wanted to), so I froze in horror when a fellow school mom - yes, at a PTA meeting - came up to me and said, "Hey! Aren't you Martini Mom?!" Gulp. I couldn't even respond because my brain was too busy scanning through the archives trying to piece together what mortifying secrets this woman knew about me.

So I guess what I'm saying is... good luck with that! (And I feel your pain.) :)

Heidi said...

I don't blog anonymously, but it still freaks me out when someone I barely know tells me they read my blog. I mentally go through my posts panicked that I've stated something somewhere that's going to get me in trouble.
Good luck with the outing! It'll be good for you and worth the awkwardness, I'm sure.

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