United States of Motherhood: August 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Signs It's Still Summer Even if School Does Start Next Week

A massive, huge-tastic, mega bowl of fruit salad qualifies as a meal on warm days.
Yes, for you old school moms out there, "Fruit salad, yummy, yummy."

Backyard tetherball to keep the boredom away.

Nothing says summer like a head lolling out the window on a summer drive
with the wind breezing through his silky sun-bleached locks.

Hanging out at the cool, air-conditioned, quiet library on a hot afternoon.

Football practice starts. Need I say more?

What says summer to you? Send some links to your best summer pics in the comments. I am trying to hold onto to summer as long as possible.

Why Good Moms Don't Expose Their Daughters to Fashion Magazines (Or Why I AM a Bad Mom)

I admit a fascination with the fashion industry, however I don't buy fashion mags anymore.

Nope. Not me. Imma a gewd mom.

Why hadn't you heard it's bad for your daughter's self-esteem?!

Yep, we've become an Economist, Prevention, Cooking Light, Highlights for Children, and National Geographic Kids family. No more Glamour, Vogue, or Cosmo.

I am sure Reader's Digest is next on my list to acting older than dirt. Yawn!

Ahem so...at the dentist, with three cleanings and a braces application yesterday, my 11 year year old and I absorbed every fashion mag in that neutral carpeted hell like they were the last luscious droplets of cool water and we were parched in a heat-radiating desert.

Best part? It was without the guilt I have when we watch America's Next Top Model and Project Runway. I mean, what else were we supposed to do except...oh yeah, read the library books we brought with us.


Truthfully, I am on the fence when it comes to the current rage of making fashion magazines and the fashion industry the dastardly, evil mavens who victimize young girls' self esteem, as has become en trend.

I am wishy-washy that way.

One week, I am all up in H & M's grill and next week, I am dancing flouncy pirouettes in lurve with Project Runway.

I found the best of both world's this week with this art piece. It combines the fun and guilty pleasure of fashion with the ridiculous, why fashion is bad for you, all in one funny coffee snort out my nose:


Honestly, I think like everything in life, fashion, as long as it is taken with a grain of salt and pinch of moderation, is just fine.

See it for what it is. Point out the cons to young, impressionable daughters, but best yet, you be their real-life role model--not the Victoria's secret ads they are bombarded with in those very same magazines--as well as television, billboard, and my daughter's FACEBOOK account.

For you mommies out there, thoughts? Is the fashion industry and their accompanying fashion rags really of the devil like some moms think?

*Many thanks to Carol Schiller for sending it my way on Facebook. I needed a good coffee snort.

**More thanks to
Cillian Storm for the pic above via Flickr. I might just try that pose out at my next PTA meeting.

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