United States of Motherhood: December 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh Noes: Katy Perry & Russell Brand & Another Celebrity Marriage Bites The Dust

Aww, man. They were so cute together. So cute!

Source: ET

However, was it any surprise when her husband posted a picture of her sans make up, just waking up, unprepared...to the world via Twitter when her entire career is based on her looks, persona, and brand...that they are now divorcing?!

Katy Perry No Make-Up: As posted by her loving husband on Twitter

Katy Perry WITH Make Up

Majorly husband f@ck up, Russell. And you're the one filing the divorce papers??

I don't even let my husband post pictures of me with make up, hair brushed, awake for hours unless I give him triple confirmation...and then I still make him take down pics I have second thought about, don't you?

Still sad...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Inspiration Monday: Doing for Others

Jonah Mowry: Bullying, Being Gay, and Tears

Watching this crushed my soul today. Being gay in middle school must be a nightmare. To all you mothers out there, some of your kids are being bullied and some are the bullies. Mothers of bullies, I don't judge you, I just ask for you try something different.

Talk to your kids about acceptance and TRULY being the type of person you would wish them to be--the non-judgmental kind. The kind that doesn't cause other kids to cut themselves. The kind that do not use "gay, homo, or fag" as slurs.

Ending bullying starts at home sometimes beginning in the 1st grade or earlier when this topic does not seem even relevant, but it is.

Nip bullying in the bud.

Friday, December 2, 2011

On Nightmares and Marriage: Divorcing My Husband

I awoke today on the couch with a start. No worries. No fight with the husband. Just fell asleep watching TV...again!

So, I woke awoke with a start because I had a soul-crushingly REAL dream that my husband was divorcing me.

Usually, when I have nightmares, which is OFTEN, I go running for a hug from my husband of 15 years and it makes it all better.

Today, while it was only minutes before 6 AM, that darn husband was already dressed and gone. He actually is vying for husband of the year award by driving my two competitive swimmers at 4:45 to swim practice so I don't have to...

So, head drooping, there was no magical hug to make it all better until he met me at 7:30 AM to swap kids and bags at the middle school.

But that didn't even happen because the kids decided not to go to their second swim practice and hence no need to swap bags before he retraced his commute another 45 minutes to work...

Instead, he IM-ed me at 9 AM today to remind me to drink the coffee he made me at 4 AM!! so I wouldn't get a caffeine headache, coffee junkie that I am.

My response:<span class=
(9:10:47 AM) Beau: Did you find your coffee?

(9:10:50 AM) Heather: So bad morning. Woke up pre-6 AM with horrible dream you were divorcing me :((((((

(9:11:05 AM) Beau: that sucks. just a dream.

(9:11:19 AM) Beau: Actually, about that time I was thinking how much I love you.

(9:11:24 AM) Heather: Yeah, just a dream but very real. Was crying when I woke up

(9:11:42 AM) Beau: And while I was driving to work, a Cure song came on the radio that made me think of you more.

(9:11:51 AM) Heather: :)

(9:11:54 AM) Beau: esp since I didn't see you in the parking lot.

(9:12:10 AM) Heather: yeah i was actually looking forward to a hug

(9:12:15 AM) Heather: in parking lot

(9:12:38 AM) Beau: well, we could still meet behind the middle school for hugs in the morning, even if we don't swap bags ;)

And this is why I hope to be married to this man for 15 more years....times infinity!

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