United States of Motherhood: Seattle Ice Storm: No Wussies Here

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seattle Ice Storm: No Wussies Here

This stuff is what is taking down huge evergreens and covering highways causing major accidents. If you are in the Seattle area, be safe and stay inside!!

Need a closer look??

Yes very beautiful and even more dangerous. So far we have power , but trees keep snapping which are taking out power lines.

One hundred eighteen thousand homes out of power in Seattle area.

Parking complexes are collapsing from the weight according to the news. Our Seattle snow was already super wet and heavy and now add an inch layer of ice and now more freezing rain!

Formerly of Fairbanks, I am often a label-er of Seattle citizens as being humongous wusses when it comes to snow. Apparently the LA Times and most of the country agrees.

In Fairbanks, they never plowed, it dropped feet at a time, got to -67, and there were never snow days. Seriously, if it was -10 or above, pre-school children were required to get their own #$% snow gear and mittens on and REQUIRED to go outside to play. Today we are on day three of snow days from schools.

I see Seattle snow usually as the most ridiculously entertaining event ever, especially all the douches who abandon cars in the middle of the road or screech about the end of the world because of a little powder on their lawn.

Case in point, this video I posted on Facebook:

Yes, our first two snow days were total crap like the video. But this ice storm today? Mother Nature is not @#$% around so stay inside with your families.

Our family will continue to enjoy. Well all except Eldest:

I am one mean mom. After three days, this is his first time in the snow. Why?

When do kids not look forward to snow days?

When snow days happen the days before finals and their mom gleefully says they now have MORE days to study.

ENDLESS day to scram.

I did take pity and finally let him out:

I even let him go sledding. However, although my Alaska-raised kid typically wears shorts and t-shirts in the snow, I did make him put some gear on. Silly kids!

We don't raise no wussies at the Scouty household!

What's the weather like where you are?

UPDATE: OHHHHHHHHHH CRAP! Power is out at our water station. Seriously CRAP. No flushing. Conserve water. Now this is something new, Seattle! WTF!!


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Curt said...

You are one tough lady!

I'm a native Texan. When it got down to 15 degrees, we called that a hard freeze. I'm now stuck in Wisconsin. It's just above 0 today, and that's still not really a hard freeze. Now that I know what it really is.

I had to take the backdoor screen off 2 days ago before it wouldn't open over the heaving concrete outside the door!

That's it, I'm moving to South America! :)

But, I do still go outside and grill! Damn Straight!

Walter said...

We are in the single digits here in Wisconsin. It would be silly to be outside in shorts or a mini skirt for more than 10 minutes or so but I'm sure if it were New Year's someone would do it anyway.

Maggie S. said...

If you think that is funny, you should visit here in TN, where a forecast of flurries causes the whole city to strip grocery stores of bread, milk, and cat food. School may be called off for the threat of snow and if it actually falls,the ground might be free of snow before lunch time; leaving children to play in the mud. And parents super happy to have had to use a personal day.

Angie said...

You gotta get a pool for spare water. Your so funny, so glad we never moved to Seattle, lol

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