United States of Motherhood: Smells Like Teen Angst: Gloves Off

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Smells Like Teen Angst: Gloves Off

What's that smell this mom smells?
Could it be teen angst with a side of stinky attitude?
Or maybe it's the crap-ton load of my preteen's hair burning up my beloved Dyson motor.
Either way something stinks in the Scouty household today.
Very, very stinky, but I ALWAYS win. Gloves off.

What's your most challenging Mom (or Dad) vs. teen moment?

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danielpelfrey said...

My oldest son was kicked out of the same Junior High twice. He was on his way to getting kicked out of High School. Finally we sent him to boarding school. It sucked.


Maggie S. said...

The look and sound of assent that is well and truly the sound of: "when hell freezes over, don't test me." Like I am the one with the problem.

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