Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weight Loss, Tigers and Promises to Get Naked: Let's Streak!

Motivation? Do you know where mine went? I've lost it.

It's gone missing. Resolutions gone. Feeling so tired.

I start hating on my body as always so I go to my latest crack Pinterest addiction and find this:

I need to be a @#$% tiger. Any other tigers out there that want to join my streak of tigers? Yes, apparently a pack of tigers is called a streak. I like that.

So much so that when I lose this weight, I promise to streak somewhere.

You heard me. Me prudish Scout. Will. Run. Naked. In. Public. When she loses 90 lbs.

So who is with me?

Yes! Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past, my friends. Heh!


Mom Foodie said...

You go tiger :D

Curt said...

I'll assume this is for women, but can I watch? :)

Scout's Honor said...

Mom Foodie: RAWR!

Curt: All tigers welcome! :) Lose more than 50 lbs and you are in!

Stacia said...

great picture. I look like that too.

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