United States of Motherhood: Hip Mamas AND Dub Step Cats [Video]

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hip Mamas AND Dub Step Cats [Video]

I try to be a hip mama...and often fail miserably. I often come home from a long day of chauffeuring kids to swim practice to the house blaring with something called dub step blasting throughout the speakers in the house.

Yes, dub step, a musical genre particularly enjoyed by my husband and teen son especially when it rattles the crystal.

It's jarringly loud but growing on me:

I. Am. This. Cat.


Beau said...

That's pretty funny!

And I'll quote Ashton Kutcher from That 70's Show, "What? I didn't know you liked music."

Good thing I set up Pandora on the new Tivo box last night. Dubstep injection straight into our house!

Angie said...

yea my 14 year old daughter listens to it all the time!! i can only tolerate some of it. the other half of the time i feel like i'm gonna have a seizure.

Beau said...

Angie - you know how to dubstep!


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