United States of Motherhood: The Internet Makes Sense of Angelina Jolie

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Internet Makes Sense of Angelina Jolie

We all saw the awkward Angelina stick limb jutting out of her dress. Still not sure what that was about, but leave it to the internetz to make sense of it all:

She must have thought she was teaching her girls to squat over a restroom toilet when they were out of cowboy hats, right? We all know this pose.

So clearly she was confused from lack of protein that she was at the OSCARS, not an McD bathroom?

Source: Oldghost


kittenpie said...

That, or she was practising for birthing yet another babe for her brood?

Shelly said...

She needs to come to my house so I can feed her!

Scout's Honor said...

Ballet plie? About to frog jump?

Tara said...

I mean this is why I can never quit the Internet. Because people make a meme in the spam of a few hours (and a twitter account) for a celebrity's limb. Also is it me or does Brad's body language seem to indicate he would prefer not to be near said limb.

Scout's Honor said...


Heh I so agree!! Internetz, I can't quit you!

Also agree about Brad's body language. Really can't stand either of them.

She needs a cheeseburger and he needs to learn what marital vows mean. :)


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