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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Don't You Judge Me!! I Have a New Lover...

Yep, a new lover.  

Okay, not new really... Well...  Kind of true since I do loves me some FOOD!

We shall call my lover meat and potatoes....because that's what it is.

IT?  It was also breakfast:

Mmmm breakfast

Don't You Judge Me!! This was totally paleo and gluten free...except for the glaze and butter in the taters.

Ughhh...baby steps.  I fell off the bandwagon on Monday and ate a mind-blowing amount of Tom Douglas Serious Pie Pizza.

Seriously check my instagram for the evidence. 

Pages and pages of yeasty dough and melty cheese and salty sausage.  Drippy.  Greasy.  Chewy.  Nom.

Yep, I cheated and I am being punished!!   I've had acid reflux so bad for days that it has taken my breath away and made me teary.  I have had headaches.  The fuzzy head came back.  Ok, body.  You win.  Wheat is the devil.

So this breakfast, whilst not super healthy, at least had no @#$%^&* wheat or grain.

So today?  Today maybe I will live without drinking a half bottle of Gaviscon and popping prescription GERD pills that I had not taken in month before the pizza incident.

Then tomorrow?  Maybe I will get back to kale and lean meat and CROSSFIT!!

One bite at a time my friend.  One bite at a time!


daniel said...

Ah, the culinary equivalent of sex with an ex...

Scout's Honor said...

Hhehe EXACTLY daniel!! Exactly!


Societic Hair said...

Well...welcome to the club foodie.
But seriously, delicious food is way better then sex but not less dangerous.

Mom Foodie said...

I hope you feel better soon. It does look good though :P

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