United States of Motherhood: Starting Over & Getting Healthy: Almond Joy Paleo Gluten-Free Mug Cake

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Starting Over & Getting Healthy: Almond Joy Paleo Gluten-Free Mug Cake

Well my friends?   

Christmas is over....

...and so is my wheat binge and Paleo cheating. I've been bingeing on sugar, grains, wine, cream, flaky pastry  and much more.  

Well,  not bingeing like the old days, but when I haven't had these foods for weeks, even a bite inspires guilt.  

And yet?   It was worth it. 

Seriously it was worth it.

Hello mashed potatoes, cream gravy & Yorkshire pudding with prime rib

Hello apple pie a la mode.

So worth it for these few days of treats and feeling normal. That's what I have missed--feeling normal.  Not feeling like a high-strung foodie that has to poke and prod each dish with suspicion.  I needed the break.

However, now I am paying big time again. BIG TIME!

I actually maintained my 17 lb. weight loss through the holidays, but as usual, my acid reflux and brain fog is crazy out of control right now. I am guzzling Maalox.  I am forgetting words mid-thought. 

So I have started to detox and wean myself back to a gluten-free, Paleo diet--free from grains, legumes, dairy, and nightshade.  I am thinking of weight loss and getting healthy.  I have been guzzling ice water and green tea to stave off cheats. I even applied for BookieBoo's Mamavation Omron Weight Loss Challenge. 

However, it is not without flailing.  I feel like I am starving.  Craving.  Ready to stuff anything that moves into my belly. That wheat addiction came back pretty fast.  I know when I get like this,  I need to be careful because a SERIOUS binge is coming on.

I've been good for two days now, but the self-control is getting brittle.  So I came up with a quick fix recipe that is Paleo and just enough to quell the hunger pains and emotional desire to eat. We've all seen mug cakes, but why not a Paleo, gluten free mug cake??

This food porn my friends is a Almond Joy in a mug.  A minute to whip up, two minutes in the microwave, and then the kids and I were dipping into heaven.  2-3 bites for each of us and crisis averted.

Paleo Almond Joy Mug Cake

2 tbsp of Scharffen Berger Cocoa Powder 
3 tbsp Bob's Red Mill Almond Meal Flour
2-3 tbsp Honey
1 tbsp Almond Butter
1 Egg
2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 pinch of Salt
1-2 tbsp Flaked Coconut

Measure all ingredients into mug.  Stir with spoon.  Pop into microwave for 1 minute 45 seconds to 2 minutes.  Done!

Dig in!  Yum!  Crisis Seriously averted.  I am so good until dinner time now. 

Will I cheat again?  Yes.  I have decided for special occasions, a day or two cheat here or there every couple of months will only allow me to stay the course.  I can do this and prevent the feeling of deprivation and self-pity. 

... And yes, I am already looking forward to eating this again next Christmas:

In the meantime. I will continue to come up with quick, small bite, highly satiating Paleo alternatives to stave off the hunger.


Robin {Mom Foodie} said...

I don't do Paleo, but I'm back on my healthy eating plan now too. Sweets are my downfall, but I was honestly, was sick of them by Christmas anyway.

jeep info said...

Dina (New Paleo Eater)
Love the Almond Joy Mug Cake . I am now learning to create my own recipes with new ingredients. Its a whole new world. Thanks for the recipe

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