United States of Motherhood: Starving and Need Advice

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Starving and Need Advice


...And there is nothing paleo or healthy to eat in this house. I took some advice to drink ice water and green tea to stave off hunger.  So far so good.  

Any other weight loss, eating clean, paleo,  gluten-free advice???? 

Pretty please with no sugar on top?

I'm getting  started on some healthy living now while I cross my fingers that I get picked for the Mamavation Challenge.  



weareabeginning said...

Oh man. Nothing nothing? I would fry an egg with coconut oil, eat a banana, grab some nuts, a can of tuna and The Clothes Make The Girl's olive oil mayo? All yummy and usually things we have in the house.

Brenda Lazzaro Yoder, said...

Lots of fruits, lots of vegetables (that you like.) I paper myself with salad toppings and dressings I know I would eat in a gourmet restaurant because I know I look forward to eating them at home rather than the icky lettuce with gross dressing. At forty-something and a woman who lives as a recovered bulimic and anorexic, making food easy, healthy, and something I look forward to is important. I can't ever diet, so I eat - good! Best wishes!

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