United States of Motherhood: May 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

What Do You Do When They Are Old Enough to Shave: Venus $50 Visa Card Giveaway

It's such a poignant moment when you realize the baby girl who you swear was wearing frilly diaper covers and Mary Janes yesterday, suddenly starts to get hair on her legs. It’s one of many firsts that seem to hit me harder than the boys' firsts.
It shouts that my baby girl is growing up.

What happened to this little girl?

And please tell me when did this happen?

Then the inevitable comes. Sooner than you realize or are ready for, the,"When can I shave my legs, Mommy?" question arrives.

For my very girly, always wearing pink daughter, it was way sooner. Waaay sooner. Too soon. My husband comes from sturdy Eastern European stock, and my daughter takes after him in that regard. He is hairy, and so is she. We all know what that means.

Yes, while my two blond boys had freckles and sparse blond hair glinting on their legs, baby girl got thick, black hair she could almost braid on her legs. Of all the things you want to inherit from my husband: his intelligence, his height, his organizational skills or his naturally thin-toned body and high metabolism, his hair was not on the top of the list.

Poor baby girl.

This was at four years old. At the time, there was even concern of early onset puberty which our pediatrician was watching closely. One family member got her period in 1st grade, and we worried about serious complications if baby girl followed her path.

Luckily, that did not occur, and she hit puberty just recently, but oh my the hair. The hair!

At the time, I scoured the net for when it was appropriate to let girls shave their legs. As a competitive swimmer even then, she stood out. By age six, kids were starting to notice and comment on her legs.

In the end, to head off teasing and her distress, we gave in, and I agreed to shave her legs every couple of months to keep it reasonably shorn. We wanted her to have a positive experience in school and swimming, and if that meant starting so young, so be it.

With any physical difference, kids can be cruel and shaving seemed a simple enough solution...well except shaving a teeny, tiny leg attached to a wriggling body ended up with plenty of nicks and scratches. Plenty.

Fast forward six years, when most girls are starting to shave, my baby girl is a pro. She took over from her awkward mom by 8 years old when her Daddy equipped her with her own razor and shave gel…designed for a man. Not exactly the tools to make a girl feel feminine.

So when Venus sent us their Satin Care Passionista Fruit and Embrace razor in the mail, the excitement from my 12 year-old was palpable. Finally, we had products to make her feel beautiful and feminine.

I am not embarrassed to admit we both oohed and ahhed over the sparkly peachy-pink tinted shave gel and its yummy fruit scent. I told her she could have the gel and razor, but I admit I wanted to keep the gel for myself.

Venus says the rich formula, infused with the sparkling scent of juicy, fresh fruit, leaves your skin soft and satiny smooth every time you shave. I think I might have to get my own to try it out. I know baby girl is one happy customer.

We were happy with the razor too. I wish it, with its ribbon of moisture which ensures a smooth shave, had been around when I was bent over shaving those tiny legs. With its FIVE blades and soft-gripped handle for no-slip control, it glided smoothly. It was also clearly designed for a girl. No more manly razor for her. Isn’t it purty?

I think all women love to have beauty tools that make them feel feminine and this razor certainly hit the mark.

In the end, figuring out how the deal with these personal choices of when and how to initiate conversations and negotiate choices on our children's firsts are highly personal and up to each family.

I’ve mentioned on my blog and on other places on the internet that my daughter started to shave at six. There are some aghast at our decision as if we were Toddlers and Tiaras types. There are others that applaud my sensitive mothering by putting my daughter’s feelings before my own notions of what age was appropriate.

I think we as mothers at one point all finally realize that we have to do the best we can and work for the solution that works best for our children, don’t you agree?

How about you? Share a tip for tackling tough "firsts" conversations with your kids to be entered for a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card, courtesy of BlogHer and Venus.

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Yay for Venus!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Seattle Children's: Keep Strong. Get Stronger. [video]

Love this video....LOVE!

I've spent far too many hours at Seattle Children's over the years. Far too many. Emergency breaks and surgeries usually. And? As much as I hated to be there with my kiddos in pain, I was always blown away by the care and personal touches that Seattle Children's went the extra mile to do for families. This Mom Says You Rock the Casbah.

I cannot imagine being there with a child with cancer, but clearly these children and their caregivers are going something right.

Kids? Keep strong. Get stronger.

My friends? Pass it on...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bear Attack: A Girl's Gotta Have Dreams

...And now my greatest wish is to be attacked by a bear. You? Yep, I'm going to go rub myself down with some raw salmon and go hiking in the Cascades.

Great idea, no? Who is with me?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Lizards Making Love: Have a Naughty, Naughty Turtle Week-End, Y'all

I was chatting with my sister the other day. Somehow we got on the subject of the lizards in her neighbors' backyard having sex...except all I heard was the neighbors and sex. When she told me she got her kids to watch her neighbors having sex, I gasped.

She was like, "No really. They were going at it. Hard."

This is my pretty conservative, very religious (and much loved) sister. So not in character, I just continued to gasp and giggle and chuckle...and only be a little...okay a lot shocked at her voyeurism.

It was even better when we finally cleared up that we were talking about lizards on the neighbor's backyard.

Yep, chalk one up again to my hilarious hearing loss.

In the meantime, I was inspired. Truly inspired. To Google all sorts of beasties in the wild to visualize how backyardigan creatures get it on.

I discovered lizard love making, while interesting, did not hold a candle to turtles....very loud turtles. Enjoy:

Here's to a very squeaky week-end, y'all!

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