United States of Motherhood: August 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weight Loss Goals and Crossfit: Workout #9

Yes!  I did write that.  I am managing to make a habit and although everyday I do look like this:

Yep, even with that sinking feeling, I still go.  I've learned not to look at my gym's blog to see what the daily work-out is until we are wheels up...otherwise I start to chicken out.

Yep, crossfit silly-fies us.  All the blood rushing to our wittle muscles and
our sweat-logged  brains getting mushy under our drippy brows
I've managed EIGHT butt kicking cross-fit workouts since I last updated you. So far, it was smooth sailing.  Today however, life threw me some challenges.

The question was would I give up like before?  Or would I hang on to this new exercise high that had me almost looking forward to looking like this every day:

Crossfit Day 2 Looking Like a Tomato with My Kiddos

That had me shouting, I love kettle bells:

Hello lovahs!

So back to today?  I never managed to get to my crossfit class today.  Actually drove there between football carpool, but then realized class was 1/2 hr later.  I knew I could not stay--I would be late for football carpool pick up (I ended being late anyway, but that is another story heh) so I went home.

On way home, I decided to try the Bob Harper Workout DVD I tried a couple months ago. Yes, THAT one!  You know...the beginner one so challenging that I couldn't finish.  Then?  I was distracted by work.  Family.  Life.  Football carpool.  Then swim carpool.  Then dinner. Then household chores.  Finally getting kids to bed.

Yep, lots of excuses...

Any other month, that would be modus operandi for me.  However, this would be breaking my 9th crossfit/workout day!  So?

This is where I swell up my now heaving chest and say I am really proud of myself.  After everyone went to bed?  I started the workout.  It's 5 minutes to eleven now.  I am sweaty and exhausted...and happy.  Pat on the back inner-me and many thanks to Bob!

This will be nine workouts in 10 days--a record for me--toward my personal challenge to workout everyday until Christmas to lose 30 lbs.  Yes, I have more than 30 lbs to lose, but it's a start!  What is your fitness goal?

I Got My Feelings Hurt Today...By a Goldfish!

Meany, weanies!
I got my feelings hurt today...by a goldfish.

I just read goldfish can recognize faces!


I am the only one who feeds them, cleans them, medicates them to the tune of $60 once for 20 cent fish, and  stays up worrying when they look like they are circling the drain.  They've lasted over 4 years.  Not too shabby for feeder fish.

So WHY, after all that, do they HIDE from me?  Sniffle...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ann Romney's Speech at the Republican National Convention

Disregarding all politics and issues, guess what? 

I adored Ann Romney. Adorable. Sometimes awkward. 

Okay, a lot awkward, but guess what? 

It wasn't slick. It wasn't written by an even slicker political machine. It was genuine. It evoked hope ....and in the end, it appealed to me as a mom who worries for her children's future. 

What did you think?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Say Cheese: Small Claims Courts and Orthodontists? Ugh!

Mama's trying to get her big girl panties on!

Has anyone ever taken a dentist/doctor to small claims? 

Ermahgerd I sooo don't need this right now...

Our previous orthodontist pocketed our $1500.  They only required $500 deposit, but we added an additional $1000 prepayment to use up some flexible spending money we needed to use or lose since my husband was changing job.  They listed the entirety as a deposit.  They knew we might need to change dentists and reassured me there would be no problems transferring if we moved.  They also pocked around $800 from two different insurance companies.

Then they applied partial braces on only the top half of my son's teeth (1 hr appt) and then two 20ISH minute appointments for adjustments over the span of three months.  They kept putting off applying the bottom brackets.

They then substantially changed their hours from four days a week in the office to one mere day a week with a 5 PM closing.  Perfect!  Those changes effectively made it impossible to ever get our son in with school/swimming, much less get wires off for cleanings.

When we switched to a new orthodontist, they tried to give me a $7 refund.

When I complained, they sent us $190 refund check that I refuse to cash and avoided my emails....

Umm by my reckoning that's $21 a minute/$1260 an hour...

Any advice??

Sadly, I am in a crazy busy part of my life where my family cannot afford to let that money slide, but have no time or energy to pursue this situation.

I am positive that is EXACTLY what this chain dental group is counting on. The contract reads after braces are applied, all deposits are non-refundable, but payments are refunded on a pro-rated basis. Hmmm...

My friends: I need some help to not only kick my butt into gear , but also any advice from anyone who has gone through the small claims process before and has tips and hints, pretty please!!

Flickr photos via by derekgio and Jenn Durfey

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Giveaway: K-k-k-k-k-k-kia! Gotta Give it Up to the KIA Sorento!

Kia! Woo hoo Kia?  Hey baby!  I lurve you!

Well hello lovah...
What?  You all want to know why?

Well, Kia let me borrow their gorgeous Sorento for a week this month to review.  When they dropped off this sparkly silver beauty, I just about fainted.

Sparkly and silver and better than glitter and unicorns
No scratches. Clean windows, No smell of spoiled slushy of chocolate milk and ground goldfish crackers fermenting for the last nine years. Safety features out the wazoo. Bluetooth Wireless Technology for hands free talking to the hubs whilst driving to another play date?  FULL gas tank!

Yep,  that was just the surface and it was already a busy swim/football mom and blogger's dream.

Time to pick up Kid #1 from Life-guarding: Whee!  Usually a chore and now so much fun!

Oh baby.  I was in heaven.

Mine, mine, all mine for the week!

Yes, Scout's Honor likes herself some eau de new car. Then there was the head rush when I got behind the wheel.  I admit when I get rentals and reviews, I like to really TEST them.

Time to look for some adventures: Snoqualmie Falls here we come

I revved.  I rode those curves.

Yes, that is really us driving the bridge and yes, we are blessed that this is mere minutes away

I took bridges.  We took ferries. We took corners.  We searched out back-roads.We might have gone a smidge bit faster than I normally drive. People, I take reviewing seriously so I worked that baby out like it was a quarter horse in the Grand Canyon. It responded like a stud taking an afternoon stroll...with plenty of endurance (read fabulous gas mileage) to keep it coming.

That was my take.  This crossover Kia had the space of my SUV, but the response of a V-6 performance car and the gas mileage of a mini-van.  Sooooo much fun.  I am sold! We took curves....

Awesome!!  The kids chanted, "More!" in the back!  Whee!  Cheaper than Disneyland!

We took tunnels and bridges...

On the way from picking up a kid from a slumber party? Don't mind if I do!

We worked it out....

First day of football practice

We carpooled with swim and football gear. We put seats up, then down to sleep on the ferry, then up again...

Chilling out with seats flattened down on the 40 minute ferry to Bainbridge Island

We swerved out of the way of deer...

Well hullo, my deer

My friends?  Who needs quality tests when you have an over 6 ft 1 inch rough-housing and teasing teen son, a 12 year old picky, cranky daughter, and 10 year old tantrum-y tween stuck in a car for over four hours visiting landmarks all over the Seattle area--all to test durability, cup holders, gear loading, and the like??

 They bounced every spring.  They stretched legs, and yes, fought over seats like all siblings do.

Yep, we be trolling...Fremont trolling that is!

It was the perfect test and the Sorento passed.  More than passed.

Picking up my husband from work downtown and then off to a social media event

Seriously now, it's hard for me to pick everything I loved the best, but clear winning features for our family were the following:

Panoramic sunroof! Niice!
The air-cooled driver's seat that helps keep my tush from sticking to the leather?  

Win! It's heated too for those snowy winter drives after snowball fights.

The back up camera so no kids or pups were run down in the process of leaving my driveway?

I was actually able to see the oblivious lady pushing her cart as I backed up and prevented her demise! I might have also seen an annoying teen as well...

Silly, billy teen testing my patience
Did I mention the leather-trimmed seats?

Panoramic sunroof to let in the rare Seattle sun?


32 estimated MPG on the highway for this swim and football carpooling mom?

Mama could get a new pair of shoes!

Best Invention EVER!
Push button start with smart key??

This meant as long as the key is in my purse, I could start the car, unlock the car, loll around in love with this car because there was no riffling madly in my packrat suitcase dainty lady purse for the keys as the ice cream melted in the grocery cart.

Assembled in the USA!  

Squee!  You all know my passion for the good ol' USA!  Chanting now...USA! USA!

Kia told me that the Sorento, with advanced technology, sporty styling, and a spacious interior, was the first crossover that everyone will want to drive and starting at a little over $23,000, it's the crossover that makes the most sense to own.  

Guess what?  I ABSOLUTELY agree.

All I can say was that the Kia Sorento did make every ride a joyride and I was sniffling when it left.

Sniffle!  Bye, bye...for now!

So my friends?  Clearly being an ingrained California girl transplanted in Seattle, driving is my thing.  My joy. My life as a mom.  I was happy to try something new on for size.  What about you?

Tell me what feature of the Kia Sorento you would most enjoy and be entered for a chance to win an Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Android Tablet!!


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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Official Day of CrossFit Otherwise Known as Some Crazy Ass Cross Fit Set from Some Crazy Ass Cross Fit Games that Made Me Dizzy and Slightly Vomitous...if Vomitous is a Word

Yes, my friends.  It's getting serious.  Today was the first day of real crossfit. 

It was all good...well until it started....

Some background?  Besides the four class fundamentals I did in July, I have done nothing more than a brisk walk, stilted jog, or casual hike for a decade.

Before that add a back injury, three babies, and well life that piled on the pounds.

Before that?  Army Lieutenant of 130ish pounds that I want to get back to some day. So, yes, I got my butt up at 5 AM today. I followed my husband with my two teens into that Cascade Crossfit gym and gulped.

Warm Up (Are we sure this isn't the work out??)

  • 20 Pass Throughs...I got this
  • 20 air squats...not too bad this wobbly 40 year old can do her some squats
  • 15 v-ups...pulse already pounding
  • 4 gassers...eww sprinting is involved
  • 15 push-ups...well shite! I might have never been in the Army is what my shoulders, wrists and back were screaming at me!

Then Mobility (All Good)

  • shoulder band stretch
  • hip mobility stretch
  • squat push stretch

Set (Kill me Now.)

  • 10 Overhead Squats (30 bar)
  • 10 Box Jump Overs (20″)
  • 10 Thrusters (30)
  • 10 Power Cleans Rx (30 bar)
  • 10 Toes 2 Bar--wtf devilry is this???  I wiggled around like prey hanging from a stick
  • 10 Burpee Pull-Ups-- Riiight! Managed 5 with PURPLE band then mod-ed the mod to 5 Burpee Rings
  • 10 Toes 2 Bar--managed 2 wiggles until the grand crossfit poopa took sympathy on my squirming soul and turned them into 10 v-ups praise the lord
  • 10 Power Cleans (30) 
  • 10 Thrusters Rx (30) 
  • 10 Box Jump Overs (20")--dizzy, dizzy, very dizzy now
  • 10 Overhead Squats Rx (30)--really?  It's over?

Best part...as I did those last box jump overs with my hands numb feeling like I was going to have a protein spill?  I thought this was only the first set of TWO and I had to do it all over again.  Praise hallelujah when I realized after my last overhead squats that I was done.


So that smiley face up at top?  That was for realizing it was OVER!!

Second smiley face?  Realizing I could and should have put some weight on that bar....next time!!

Crossfit is of the devil, but I WILL be back tomorrow.

Note to self: Nothing is more humbling than taking your two athlete teens in, having them look puzzled at how easy it was, and then saying at the end, "Wow, that was easy!" @#$%^&*(*&^%$! I told them to try carrying their 10 year old brother (about how much weight I'd love to lose) and then let me smack at their knees and back to replicate two additional decades of creakiness. That shut 'em up. Heh!

So my friends?  What are you going to do to challenge yourself?  Push yourself?  I would love to hear all about it while I limp around the house with my left buttock seized...Heh!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

One Torn and Very Bad Football Mom I Am I Am

Yep, it's that time of year again.  

Opening day of a season of bruises, sweat, and tears.  

Sigh...Can you tell I'm an inveterate swim mom reluctantly mothering a  football kid.  

#*@*# I do not even know the rules of this game and the learning curve is steep.  

Very, very steep.  I was always reading a book when my family watched Sunday 49-ers games growing up. I never ever thought I would have an offspring play. Sheesh....this Berkeley bookworm made fun of Cro-Magnon  football, ditzy cheerleaders, and all that crazy.  

Now karma is biting me in the butt for it!

Football is taken so seriously on the plateau where we live.  There are  all types of cloak and dagger machinations to prevent other teams from scouting our players.  Yes, even the little grade schoolers get scouted!  Ack!  

Give me some flip flops, individual effort, and the burn of chlorine over cold bleachers, concussions, and crazy competitiveness any day.  

Yep, I'm a good swim mom, but baaaaaad football mama! Heh!

Sorry Li'l Man...you got stuck with a football mom dud.  Just remember what's important.  I might not love football, but I will always love you.  

So here I sit.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Frosty Apricot Lemonade -- Gluten Free and Paleo and Yummy

Frosty Apricot Lemonade

10-12 apricots (great for overripe fruit)
1 cup lemon juice
2 cups crushed ice
1 cup almond milk
2-3 tsp of Truvia (or to taste--we like tart smoothies)

Blend until smooth.  Drink on hot summer days for a refreshing twist on lemonade.

Serves 4-6 

Slow cooked spicy beef lettuce tacos with mini cucumber and jalapeƱo yogurt aioli: Last night's late night dinner when I finally got my act together and assembled the ingredients at 8 o'clock. Why so late?? Too dang hot to move....

Apparently I've Been Eating M&Ms Wrong All My Life...

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