United States of Motherhood: Already Been Chewed (ABC) Bacon

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Already Been Chewed (ABC) Bacon

Epic bacon-mâché : A genius invention of my 11 year old.  What do you think?  

Deconstructed BLT with bacon as the bread...thoughts my paleo and  gluten-free friends?!

By the way, as I write this, I gobbled the last piece to my son's disappointment.  Too slow, Joe!

Grinning, I offered him a look in my mouth.  Yep, he still wanted some masticated bacon and that's when I realized their father's bacon gene had been inherited because in my children's minds?

"ABC bacon is better than NO bacon at all."

1 comment:

Beau Raines said...

Whose ABC bacon would you eat? Would you eat Ryan Gosling's?

"Hey girl, want some bacon?"

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