United States of Motherhood: How To Make Your Kids Get Along: Freeze'em

Thursday, January 24, 2013

How To Make Your Kids Get Along: Freeze'em

This is what happens when I turn down the thermostat because I was trying to save energy. I was going to be gone...and then forgot to turn it back up.  

Wow!  I should do this more often.  

Hanging out, sharing heat, reading books and discussing them. 

No fighting.  No teasing.  

Super cute when your teen and preteen gets along, isn't it?

1 comment:

AHLondon said...

Oh, this is worth trying. My two eldest (9 and 7) bicker all the time, except bedtime. Then they pull out younger's trundle bed and read to each other until exhaustion takes them sometime well after I want them to be asleep. And my twins had one of their occasional argument days today. I should try this. Of course, the weather will be a problem. I live in Houston. It was in the 70's today. I had the doors open to air out the house.

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