United States of Motherhood: Priorities and Pushing One's Self (Too?) Hard

Monday, January 28, 2013

Priorities and Pushing One's Self (Too?) Hard

I managed to go seven days straight to crossfit last week.  On my last day yesterday, after my regular strength WOD (thrusters found my max was 95#, chin ups, bench presses 90#) which I started exhausted, I added my usual extra credit which is 2.5k row, 150 situps, and 50-20"box jumps.

I've been doing this extra credit to spur more weight loss.  I was official 20 lbs down as of Sunday.

Back to the extra credit, somewhere around jump 35, I fell off the box and twisted my knee hard. 

Dazed I kept going. 

Then after we got home,  I crashed... hard.  

Still flu-ish and feeling awful today. 

Result? I missed crossfit today.

Two questions to myself: 

How is it I managed to make sure my kiddos got a flu shot, but never made mine a priority? 

Second, is it worth it to push yourself when you are less than 100% and  know it--only to crash and burn and not be able to push at all? 


I am hoping the rest will work and I feel well enough to go to crossfit tonight.  

I am coveting the 300 air squats and 150 ring rows my husband got to do today for our crossfit gym's WOD!  

...And no, I am not kidding!

1 comment:

Jim Dougherty said...

20 pounds! Congratulations Heather! Hope your knee is feeling better!

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