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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Strong is the New Skinny

See these marks?

 I have them all over my body along with bruises and scratches, cuts and rope burns. 

No, sillies,  I am not into something illegal or kinky.  In fact, I wear these with pride.  These are what I call my crossfit mommy badges.  

Whenever I hit a wall in my workout, I think of all those worst case scenarios of being lost in the woods or crashing airplanes into water with my family.  

Yep, my nightmares. 

Before crossfit, I would be a liability to my family.  Now?  Now I know I am strong.  These strap marks bruised into my skin were from pulling a weighted metal sleigh on a rubber floor back and forth about 20 meters each way in my gym.  I added 10 at a time until I got to my youngest son's weight  of 100...then my daughter's weight rushed by, and I ended with 5 rounds of 135 lbs and then did one more with 145 lbs. My personal record is 155 lbs. but I know I will break that easily. 

While pulling and gritting my teeth,  I kept visualizing pulling my babies and even my husband to safety out of the woods. Yesterday I rowed like my drowning babies were in the middle of Lake Washington. 

Now odds are they, being even stronger than I, will be fine on their own, but as a crossfitting mother, I am empowered to know I can throw 'em on my back or pull them on a pallet.  

I used to dream of being skinny--even as a young Army lieutenant. Now my weight loss goals are more fitness goals--feeling strong and healthy. Of course, weight loss goes hand in hand with that and I am proud of my 20+ pounds lost, but its the focus on strength over the scale that has been enlightening. 

My friends, strong is the NEW skinny!!

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