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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One of Those Weepy Mom Moments: One Paper Calendar Away

Days drag slowly on huffs of exasperation while years fly by in a gasp.

 That quick breath is the essence of motherhood.

I sent my youngest off to school and it hit me--only one more week of elementary school EVER left. 


Motherhood drips so-molasses-slow like the grumbling head and dragging feet sent to clean a neglected bedroom .  Then?  

With the ferocious speed of the wind blown in by the door left ajar by an excited child crowing to find you and blasting to your knees to proudly display their latest (insert lizard, frog, snake, bunny, rock, stick, good grade, boy troubles) to you. Moommmy, Mom, Mama...

One day you are bemoaning helping with yet another project procrastinated--wishing away another "listen to my speech for the fourth time" routine. Then suddenly you are at their last middle school presentation... 

...wanting more!

One day you have a frustrating grubby toddler getting prints on your walls-- and eliciting smiles nonetheless.  Then you turn away, and a young man appears. 

You rub your eyes.  

How did I slumber through this? Concentrating on the minutiae while never truly seeing the man in front of you until just this moment?

Where did the time go?

Your smart fifth grader has days left before he never again can claim grammar school.

Your shiny-eyed 8th grader will take her first steps into the large and intimidating high school years.

After days of frustration and nagging about finals, you realize your firstborn leaves the nest soon. 

12 months too soon.

One paper calendar away...

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