United States of Motherhood: My Three Month Fitness Goals: Hell Yes I am Saying THEM ALOUD and So Should You!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Three Month Fitness Goals: Hell Yes I am Saying THEM ALOUD and So Should You!!

I have some goals I want to share.  In years past, these goals would be about what the scale said or how many calories I stuffed in my mouth.  Now?

My goals currently are feeling fit, feeling good, fitting into smaller sizes and being strong. 

That simple.

How do I hope to achieve these goals? Telling you all what they are so you keep me accountable, pretty please?

My fantabulous goals:

  • I will finish 100 day burpee challenge (day #20 and going strong)
  • I will go back to STRICT paleo for a 30 day challenge re-set in September
  • I will continue moderate paleo after Sept, but allow myself treats
  • I will go to no fewer than seven crossfit wods a week
  • I want to deadlift 275# by Christmas (currently 235#) Help me, Santa!
  • I will move my butt 10,000 steps a day (Thank you Fitbit from #attseattle)
  • I want to clean 145# by Christmas (currently 130#)
  • I will get 8 hours rest per night (currently 5-6 at best)
  • I will drink more water and take my vitamins like a good girl
  • I will get to crossfit early to truly stretch and avoid injury
  • I will stay late at crossfit and always add some dessert like abmats
  • I will start doing yoga again at least twice a week!!

You will notice I couldn't care less about how many pounds I weigh.

Could. Not. Care.  Less.  

I may occasionally weigh myself, but as we all know muscle weighs more than fat.  The scale lies, but the mirror and jeans do not.

How do I know this? An awesome crossfitter called me the incredible shrinking Heather today. This was after I beat myself up standing on my scale this morning.

She saw what I could not when stuck looking down at the scale...progress! 

I knew this.  I know this.  Yet it is still easy to let bad habits sneak back into my life.  A lifetime of dieting and scale watching is hard to break.

We all need to look forward and up, my friends.  Never down. Never back.

Sooo my friends, what are your 3 month goals? Let me know.  I'd love to support you in your goals.  The first step is to say them aloud.  Tell your friends.  Tell your family.  Tell the world.


Beau Raines said...

I've not gotten my goals to be SMART yet, but I need to

* get dips
* get stronger at overhead weight

Those are good, but aggressive goals. I'm here to support you in them!

Brenna said...

Awesome goals, Heather! I got tired just reading them. I do love yoga, though. :)

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