United States of Motherhood: Teen Girl Under $20 Gift Guide: FIVE Gifts to Please Any Girl ((and great for moms too))

Monday, December 16, 2013

Teen Girl Under $20 Gift Guide: FIVE Gifts to Please Any Girl ((and great for moms too))

Having a 14 year old daughter myself, it's often difficult to find something cute and affordable.  The following are sure bets...and I bet most mom's of teens would love them too!

Yes, a pink (or blue, or black or silver) lipstick-sized phone charger for Apple or Android cell phones for the Instagram maniac or Snap-chatting silly in your life whose battery is always dead when you need to call her. Yes...like actually talk on the phone. Did I mention it is on sale for $19 and free shipping?

Moving on to the cozy.  You can never go wrong with this light-weight crinkle scarf.  Pick her favorite color.  Better yet at $8.99, pick two.  Even better, if she wants a different color?  Depending on the color, free returns!!

Something sparkly, but simple. Yes, these fit the bill. Sterling Silver two Carat Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings.  With shipping, they end up being less than eight bucks!

How about a leather bracelet?  A handmade raw genuine leather cuff bracelet  under SIX bucks! So stylish and cute!

Last but not least, this set of Eos lip balms.  This definitely made my daughter's Amazon wishlist this year.

    Happy Holidays!! Happy Shopping!!    

Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this post.  As always I only offer my honest opinions.  That said, I have used affiliate links to Amazon products and if you purchase, I might earn a few pennies for chocolate in our stocking stuffers. Thank you in advance! :)

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Rainbow Motel said...

I follow you on Instagram. Didn't even know what a burpee was until then. Love the charger idea.

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