United States of Motherhood: January 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pleasure in Paleo Leftovers

Sweet!!  Somehow in my hordes' morning gobbling and lunch packing, last night's leftovers went undetected!!!

This means this mama already has a Paleo breakfast & lunch waiting for her! 

This never happens!  

Yep, I find easy happiness in the small things since making lunch for one is never as fun! 

I so miss my husband working from home with me and I cannot wait until summer when I go crazy with three rambunctious kiddos in the house.  

In the meantime?  

Mmm roasted sweet potatoes, pulled pork cooked in bacon drippings, and garlicky green beans.

 Nom!  Alllll mine!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Priorities and Pushing One's Self (Too?) Hard

I managed to go seven days straight to crossfit last week.  On my last day yesterday, after my regular strength WOD (thrusters found my max was 95#, chin ups, bench presses 90#) which I started exhausted, I added my usual extra credit which is 2.5k row, 150 situps, and 50-20"box jumps.

I've been doing this extra credit to spur more weight loss.  I was official 20 lbs down as of Sunday.

Back to the extra credit, somewhere around jump 35, I fell off the box and twisted my knee hard. 

Dazed I kept going. 

Then after we got home,  I crashed... hard.  

Still flu-ish and feeling awful today. 

Result? I missed crossfit today.

Two questions to myself: 

How is it I managed to make sure my kiddos got a flu shot, but never made mine a priority? 

Second, is it worth it to push yourself when you are less than 100% and  know it--only to crash and burn and not be able to push at all? 


I am hoping the rest will work and I feel well enough to go to crossfit tonight.  

I am coveting the 300 air squats and 150 ring rows my husband got to do today for our crossfit gym's WOD!  

...And no, I am not kidding!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

How To Make Your Kids Get Along: Freeze'em

This is what happens when I turn down the thermostat because I was trying to save energy. I was going to be gone...and then forgot to turn it back up.  

Wow!  I should do this more often.  

Hanging out, sharing heat, reading books and discussing them. 

No fighting.  No teasing.  

Super cute when your teen and preteen gets along, isn't it?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Progress: I Don't Hate Burpees...as Much!!

I think I am hitting a new level.  I got TEN rounds in of this wod:  

50 burpees
50 -55# clean and jerks from floor
50 V-ups

Time: total of  12 min with 8 min rest mixed in.  

And guess what?  I didn't hate the burpees this time!! I think they are slowly growing on me.  

Warm up was 20 pass throughs, 20 air squats, 15 pushups, 5 inch worms, 30m walking toe touch, 30m walking knee hugs, and 30m Samson.  I got a lot of stretching in too.  

Finally I had my usual dessert 5 rounds of 500m row and 25 situps-so total 2500 row and 125 abmats. 

 I'm not seeing much weight loss,  but I am seeing redistribution of weight especially with inches lost in my belly and hips...I'll take it!!

 I LOVE crossfit !! Have you tried it yet?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Calling Dr Eldest

My eldest boy has got skillz!! My foot has been killing me after last night's Amazon company party which was hours of party and concert in heels.  

Agony at the end!!  

He's been taking a sports med class and diagnosed it as something similar to turf toe.  Yes indeed he connected the arched foot and pressure on the toe from heels as similar to the turf toe that one sees in soccer. 

He just offered to tape it and what'ddya know it feels better already!!  

I am trying  to convince him a Dr. in front of  his name is his calling, but he insists  video game design is in his future.  

Sigh...a mom can dream!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Where Did My Baby Go?

Hmm seems some silly teen hijacked my phone and did some modeling...including changing my screen saver. 

 I laughed as I scrolled through the silly pics which included lots of sucked in cheeks and sullen eyes...

...until I saw this one and realized this 16 year baby of mine is growing up even faster than I realized.  

This man cannot be my baby, can it?!

Already Been Chewed (ABC) Bacon

Epic bacon-mâché : A genius invention of my 11 year old.  What do you think?  

Deconstructed BLT with bacon as the bread...thoughts my paleo and  gluten-free friends?!

By the way, as I write this, I gobbled the last piece to my son's disappointment.  Too slow, Joe!

Grinning, I offered him a look in my mouth.  Yep, he still wanted some masticated bacon and that's when I realized their father's bacon gene had been inherited because in my children's minds?

"ABC bacon is better than NO bacon at all."

Friday, January 18, 2013

On Spirited Children, Behavior, Consequences, and Birthdays Lost

We've been having some issues with my youngest, my 5th grader, both at home and at school.

Ultimatum after ultimatum, privilege after privilege was take away...there was nothing left. Slowly, over months with multiple chances, he lost everything. No iPhone, no laptop, no TV, no Xbox, no books in his room, no fun during holiday break, no play dates, no DS... Incrementally we used up all our currency. 

At school, he lost recess after recess.  He lost his right to use playground equipment for the rest of the year and was forced to sign a contract. Nothing mean spirited--just an inability to control his impulses and follow rules. 

When caught, he'd argue the merits of the rules or their uneven, sketchy enforcement. The last straw for him at school was going down the slide headfirst with three kindergartners on his back. He was written up three times and we got a call from the vice-principal that day.

In the classroom?  This kid in the gifted program, the one with test scores through the roof? 

At conference time, he had a report card full of uncompleted assignments we didn't even know about--two missing book reports and seven missing writing assignments.  

That list has increased, not decreased, in the last two months since. Even in his gifted program, the fun project became a task procrastinated.  Yelling and tears ensued.

At home?  Attention span is five minutes max unless it's something he loves. 

He absolutely admits doing what he wants to do now is worth any consequences we dole out. He admits that while he loves us, he does not respect our rules and does not wish to obey. He lacks the control to obey. 

Sometimes I wonder if he can really help himself.

So what to do? All our leverage was gone. We were at our wits' end. 

Nothing left, but to threaten to take away his birthday. 

 Nope, nothing to celebrate if he couldn't get in line, do his school work, clean his tornado of a room clean, and obey right??  

And did it work?  Nope!  

He continued to not do his work, not follow directions, and not obey.  

So there I was with a husband who insisted we follow through--that we hang tough with our threats.

We did leave it open for him to earn his birthday back next month...but it wasn't looking good.  

Finally, he did finish all the assignments, so I pleaded with CG that we celebrate after all--on time.  My husband, probably rightly so, insisted perhaps a partial part of the problem was my inconsistency and Li'l Man's realization that often I do not follow through with my threats stated in anger and exasperation.  

He insisted we stay the course.

So today was his birthday. I was so sad this morning as I wished him a happy birthday at breakfast--knowing there would be no recognition of his 11th year on this Earth. 

I hugged him.  I told him I loved him.  I just do not not how to handle this kid.  He is so different from his older siblings in most aspects, but then his school assignment issues and distracted lack of focus is an exaggerated mirror of his brother's.  His brother with ADD  which makes me wonder if ADD has struck twice?  Or is this just 11 year old pretty bad behavior? 

Back to his day,  I wished him happy birthday...and I knew there was a sadness and aching feeling in those big blue eyes of his.  There was no anticipation of fun to come.  He knew it and I knew it. 

I felt like the WORST mom in the world. 

Then outta nowhere, on her magical unicorn, came my friend and Li'l Man's newly minted Aunt Julie to the rescue.  As we chatted on the phone, I mentioned my dilemma.  She begged me to reconsider. She had some sad memories of her own to share of the repercussion of missed birthdays. Of hurt feelings decades later and emotion scars due to a missed birthday as punishment.   I held tight.  

So guess what arrived during dinner time tonight?  

Aunt Julie had a massive balloon and cupcakes delivered.  Li'l Man had his birthday.  No presents or party...but a small celebration that recognized that no matter his behavior, he was and is loved and he deserved being celebrated for being in our lives.

Was there still a legitimate consequence with no party or presents?  I would argue yes.  However do I think having a single candle on a cupcake sent a mixed single? No. Was singing happy birthday sending a mixed signal?  No.  And watching him drag his massive balloon around for over and hour and then carefully take it up stairs to bed as the only gift he received? I realized he was just so grateful for feeling special on this special day.

Good friends are hard to come by, but Julie?  You rock for seeing past my stubbornness and fear of causing marital discord and seeing this small, forming little man needed some attention.

Thank you Julie for braving my husband's annoyance and  recognizing, as a fellow mother of a spirited child, no matter his transgressions, my Li'l Man needed to feel that love.  His smile and lifted spirit was incredible.

Trying to stuff this square peg child into a round hole had me so caught up in the behavior and stubbornness we failed to see the boy who still needed and deserved a birthday.

This has spurred me once more to seek out new techniques because Julie is right, it's impossible to build a positive on a negative foundation.  We need to figure this out.  Clearly threats and removing privileges is not working.  Any thoughts or advice you have will be much appreciated.

On a personal note: Those cupcakes from Confetti's on Front street??  Too die for!!  Nom!  Yep, so much for my thirty day challenge.

I used a spoon and took a small bite of each flavor.  Caramel corn?  Nom?  Carrot cake?  Nom. Red velvet?  Come here lovah.  Good thing I did my crazy crossfit workout and then an extra 2500m row and 100 sit ups. I also had chugged antacids so a little wheat? On this special day?  Nope, not going to worry about it one bit.  So worth the cheat.

PPS Here is one project that our guy finally did finish and it turned out awesome.  I am so proud of him.  He came up with a great idea and I was happy he was able to share his humor with his class:

Happy Birthday, Li'l Man!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Are You Waiting For?!

Got me some crazy  crossfit today.

Warm up which was a workout in itself: 
20 pass throughs
20 push ups
3 min row (780 meters)
20 overhead squats
20 hollow rocks
10 burpees

Then crossfit WOD of 5 rounds of:
10  V-ups
10 power snatches (#45)
10 renegade rows (#15 each)

Then time for some dessert:
2500 row and 100 ab mats

Completely wiped out.  Snatches had to be light because of shoulder and lower back.  Still I am feeling good and down 1 lb this week.  I think my dessert is helping!! 

I love pushing myself! 

 If you haven't pushed yourself today, what are you waiting for?!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Friday, Y'all!

My happy cat sends good luck your way! 

Here is hoping you all have a desk kitty, pup shadow, or other furry work mascot (heh my hubs is working from home) providing big time distractions to remind you that the week-end is already here.  

Lucky for me?  I am blessed with all three today and three morning fuzzy kiddos should be home in nary hours.

Heh!  You've got to count the blessings if you me.   A hot water pipe burst yesterday, after hours of wondering what a strange sound was, and wandering why the hard floors felt warm.  Sigh... Today, we are still waiting for the plumber and I have done TWO crossfit workouts without a shower.  Laundry and dirty dishes sre piling up!!  I could lament the stench, but instead I say let's look on the positive...it can only get better right?!

In the meantime, I keep rubbing my lucky kitty and hoping for better luck!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


On my way to crossfit: I know I have a long road ahead of me toward weight loss and overall health. 

 I also know that if I keep driving this direction everyday, my life will also go in the right direction...no matter how scared I am that I won't be able to do the work out or will be the last one to finish. 

 I keep telling myself it does not matter if you finished last--it just matters that you finished. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Mud Treatments and Pup Pedicures

Hmmmmph!  Took kid to 6 am practice and came back to this Mr. Poopy Pants who decided it was a great time to get a mud treatment and foot massage. 

Good thing I just mopped, have white carpets where he's sitting and just washed his bedding this weekend right?  

Timing is everything!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scrabble: Bested by a 10 Year Old...Almost!

Duude...the time when my 10 year old matches me at scrabble is here!!


 229 to 229.  

Give him another year and I'm toast!  I used to think I was alright at scrabble.  I Need to start practicing for my formidable opponent!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Diet Resolution Misstep: Forever Searching for Balance

Eating a whole FAMILY size bag of sweet potato fries because that was the only thing paleoish in the house?  Oh the Guiltz!

Still, doing the math, it was still less calories than one Red Robin burger...which is what I really was craving, but STILL!  So salad days tonight to balance...sigh!  

Question to self: Why the @#$% have you not gone grocery shopping yet!!  Oh yes, you drove kids to three practices, were up until midnight helping kid #3 with his infomercial he "forgot" to do over holiday break, and spent hours disinfecting the house after three filthy kids and two geriatric pets mucked it all up over break. 

In perspective, I guess we are lucky I didn't give in and start stuffing mah face with the kids' bread and the heavy whipping cream.

Sigh.  I am not going to beat myself up.  I will just look forward and keep trying with the hope I get picked for the Mamavation and #IheartOmron Challenge.

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