United States of Motherhood: February 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Strong is the New Skinny

See these marks?

 I have them all over my body along with bruises and scratches, cuts and rope burns. 

No, sillies,  I am not into something illegal or kinky.  In fact, I wear these with pride.  These are what I call my crossfit mommy badges.  

Whenever I hit a wall in my workout, I think of all those worst case scenarios of being lost in the woods or crashing airplanes into water with my family.  

Yep, my nightmares. 

Before crossfit, I would be a liability to my family.  Now?  Now I know I am strong.  These strap marks bruised into my skin were from pulling a weighted metal sleigh on a rubber floor back and forth about 20 meters each way in my gym.  I added 10 at a time until I got to my youngest son's weight  of 100...then my daughter's weight rushed by, and I ended with 5 rounds of 135 lbs and then did one more with 145 lbs. My personal record is 155 lbs. but I know I will break that easily. 

While pulling and gritting my teeth,  I kept visualizing pulling my babies and even my husband to safety out of the woods. Yesterday I rowed like my drowning babies were in the middle of Lake Washington. 

Now odds are they, being even stronger than I, will be fine on their own, but as a crossfitting mother, I am empowered to know I can throw 'em on my back or pull them on a pallet.  

I used to dream of being skinny--even as a young Army lieutenant. Now my weight loss goals are more fitness goals--feeling strong and healthy. Of course, weight loss goes hand in hand with that and I am proud of my 20+ pounds lost, but its the focus on strength over the scale that has been enlightening. 

My friends, strong is the NEW skinny!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Furry Moocher and Paleo Snacks

Someone wants some of my afternoon snack of green beans in a curry coconut milk broth.  

Can you guess who?

I think this is a sign that eating paleo is delicious and does not make you feel deprived at all.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Make'em Work for their Video Game Screen Time

Someone came home from his 2 hr 45 minute swim practice ready for more.  

This was after crushing today's crossfit wod of 4 rounds of following in 9ish minutes: 

10 toes to bars
15 - 35# slam balls
20 tuck jumps
20 minutes of climbing ropes including using only arms

...And discovered his mom had made a deal with his little brother to earn 1 minute of video game time for every flight (16 steps up and 16 steps down) of stairs.  

Umm...so he got a white board and at 10 o'clock he is pounding the stairs.  The question is will he beat his brother's 75 flights?!?! 

So far he's done 44 flights in about 10 minutes.  Yes, apparently I have seriously deprived them of video games of late. Ooops!!  

Yes, I'm Saving a Buck, the Environment, and My Thighs One Step and Sip at a Time!!

I turned down the heat five degrees yesterday.  


That's crazy talk for this California girl.  Even when we lived in Fairbanks, Alaska I kept it at 72 degrees when it was sixty below. However, yesterday, I turned a new leaf called economic crunch time and $400+ utility bills and $700+ swim team fees make me want to scream.  

So today I spent revisiting my youth and echoing my Depression-era mother (which I swore I would never do) whenever my kids said they were chilly or wanted to switch on our gas fireplace.  Yes, that fireplace which usually flickers 10 months of the year. 

I would chime, 

"Put on a sweater." 


"Why are you wearing shorts?!"


 "Get some socks on." 

However once they left for practice, I realized I WAS CHILLY.  That fireplace switch was sooo tempting. 

Instead??  I turned another leaf.  I stomped up and down 10 flights of stairs--160 steps up and 160 steps down.  Now I will drink my hot tea and consider turning down the thermostat another 2-3 degrees.  Whew!! 

Yes, I'm saving a buck, the environment, and my thighs one step and sip at a time!! 

Yes, indeed mothers do know best!! 

What are you doing that you swore you would never do to save a buck?

Monday, February 4, 2013

On Crossfit: Hero WODS are My Favorite

Never Forget The Sacrifice

Location: Vashon Island, Washington

I found this in the Internet (source unknown) and it just struck a cord that someone lost their little boy almost a century ago...and it still hurts my heart. 

How poignant. 

Many thanks for every sacrifice our military men and women make for us.  

Never forget that freedom isn't free.

Update: Turns out this story of how the bike got there is not true, but I still love the sentiment behind it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Advice on Pirate Ninja Superhero Hybrids

Beware of ominous pirate ninja superheroes with guns and swords!

 Do not cross them.

Just hand over your cuties and don't question 

...and you might survive.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

WTF: NRA 32 Gun Sweepstakes Sent to My Teen

I just found my teen son filling out a sweepstakes he got in the mail...

...from the NRA!!

Yep 1st prize is TEN GUNS of his choice to form his own Call of Duty  arsenal. 


I am a supporter of the right to bear arms as a former Army officer, but a guns sweeps sent to teen in the hope he will join the NRA just reeks of desperation, dontcha think??

Come on now!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Help: How To Get Nail Polish Out of White Carpet ?!

Anyone have any great tips to get out an ENTIRE BOTTLE of blue nail polish out of white carpet?  

My teen daughter would love some advice because after many spills and oopsies, if she doesn't get this 1 foot splash out by this week-end, she will be using her entire savings to pay for a professional to get it out.  

This mama is NOT playing any more and will NOT BE falling for her sob story that her cat knocked it over and then magically she stepped on it, it broke, it cut her foot --so poor me syndrome-- and she managed to kick it --spinning it in a circumference that changes velocity and source location.  

Yep, maybe I have watched too much  Dexter and CSI, but nope this does not look close to a supposed closed bottle that fell to the carpet and only broke when she stepped on it.  In that case, there would be a large puddle with maybe one slash.  

Also, the cuts on her foot seem to look suspiciously self-inflicted to gain sympathy.  However, we will leave that detective work for another time.  

For now, she has a deadline to get this out.  


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