United States of Motherhood: Is This the Message Biggest Loser Wants To Send: Did Winner Rachel Frederickson Go Too Far? (video) #biggestloser

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Is This the Message Biggest Loser Wants To Send: Did Winner Rachel Frederickson Go Too Far? (video) #biggestloser

Source: NBC

Oh my. 

Okay Biggest Loser fans?

Did Rachel go too far?? Size 20 to size zero? I will be honest that I thought she looked great before she left the ranch and was already at 19% body fat. 

On the finale, I was for the first time shocked in a negative way. She was gaunt. Bony. Channeling concentration camp chic. Bob and Jillian also seemed shocked. I am so hoping it was all for the $250k and she will put back on 20 lbs in muscle. Reports put her anywhere from 5'4" to 5'6" and whatever it is, 105 lbs seems too low. Is this the message that Biggest Loser wants to send?

Source: Trae Patton/NBC

As someone who got down to 111 lbs. at 5'8.5" in high school and now struggles on the opposite spectrum, as a mom I am worried for her.

Another thing to consider is that she was already very fit/muscle bound, so I can image her body fat is sooooo low that it could stop her period and cause infertility. It happens. It has happened to people I know. Would that be worth $250,000? I dunno...

Your thoughts?


Monica said...

When I first saw her come out, I thought something was wrong. Everyone else came out with muscle tone and she came out bone thin... I think she took it way too far...

Jessica R. said...

It'll definitely be interesting to see who the show's producer's handle this.
Would she have won if she'd lost less weight or did she need to get her percentage that low in order to win?
It's actually amazing that this is the first time this issue has come around.

Cassandra Schwartz said...

Why must we judge her?
She's taken control of her body and health.
Should she lose any more weight? Probably not.
It's important that she feel good and that she lost and maintains any loss in a healthy way.

Lucy said...

She did amazingly well to loose the weight the challenge is not taking it to far. Hopefully it was for the prize money.

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