United States of Motherhood: Marathon Mondays: 2014 Seattle Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Here I Come

Monday, February 3, 2014

Marathon Mondays: 2014 Seattle Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Here I Come


So it begins! 

I am so happy to announce I am training for and working with  Rock 'N' Roll Seattle Marathon and 1/2 MarathonMy first official training run was Sunday with my running partner and awesome husband CG.

Holy crap only 136 days to go!

My friends, I am not a natural runner.  I never have been, even when I was super fit and running track my freshman year of high school.  I didn't last the season. I hated running in the Army. Despised it especially in formation. I never learned to love it, but I am hoping to this time. Moreover I want to increase my aerobic base and burn some calories so I can eat more yummy food without guilt.  It will always totally be about the delicious for this foodie,  right? 

More miles run? More bacon!!

So my first run?? It was sunny and freezing. I ran in my yoga pants and this short sleeve shirt. Yes, I run hot. My husband wore gloves, long sleeves and a knit cap. We passed two guys running on the boulevard wearing the same as CG and they commented that it was winter running season pointing to me, "Not summer!" Ha! They clearly didn't have a layer of insulatory padding. Silly Pacific Northwesterners!  

So as a crossfitter, I am all about community. Want to train with me? Pretty please?

I plan to lay out a weekly training plan every Monday for those of us who can jog 2 miles (as always check with your doctor first and modify according to your fitness level), but find the idea of running 13-26 more than daunting. Yeah I am going back in forth between the idea of half or full marathon.  Either way, this will be a slow and easy gradual ramp up. Listen to your body!

This week's goals:

Tuesday - run 2 miles at very easy pace 
Thursday - run 2 miles at easy pace
Sunday - run 2.5 miles at easy pace

For the record, I am continuing to fit in at least 3-5 crossfit workouts as well. 

Want to know more? The Rock 'N' Roll Marathon series can be found nationwide and internationally.  I counted over 30 cities! Likely there's one near you. Stay tuned as I have a marathon entry giveaway coming soon!! In the meantime, ready to sign up now?  Use my discount code "SCOUTSHONOR"  valid for $10 off any half or full marathon until June 15th, 2014.  

Want to watch and take it all in for a bit? 

Follow me on Twitter @scoutshonor and on Instagram @unitedstatesofmotherhood . 
Then  on Twitter and Instagram, look for @RunRocknRoll and the hashtag  #RNRSEA .

We got this!! Join me!

Disclosure: I was provided free entry, merchandise and products as compensation for this post and future weekly posts.  I approached this company for this partnership because I had heard glowing reports of their events.  As always I only review and cover products and events I love or want to try out and review them honestly. Love it or hate it, you'll hear about it. 


Erik said...

nice - you can do it! Just take it slow and easy as you ramp up the training so you don't injure yourself, and you'll do great!

Heather Murphy-Raines said...

Thanks for the advice Erik. Yeah I need to remind myself to take it slow. I am also second guessing my "bare" shoes.


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