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Friday, March 7, 2014

Please Smile: Dogs as Depression Therapy & Rover.com

Are you smiling yet??

Yep, when I have rough days, I think of Ollie, ever optimistic Ollie humping every leg in sight and seizing every opportunity.  

Sometimes I think we should all live like dogs...

Shaking off disappointment.  Seeing every treat as a rainbow. Trusting first. Seeing the good in everyone whether they deserve it or not. 

And, when life treats you badly? You brush it off and keep wagging your tail. 

Dogs are my ultimate depression therapy.  What is yours?

No pups?  Need some dogs in your life?  Consider being a sitter for Rover.com. You make your hours, your rate, and you choose your clients. It's free to set up an account, but once you do, oh my, the awesomeness rolls in.  So many pups, so many characters, and so many wagged tails.  Bonus? Someone pays you to cuddle with these waggly tails.

In full disclosure, I netted $692 in November, $920 in December, $475 in January, and $1069 in February. I have another $1543 booked for March and more in April and June. I also donated over $90 to the Seattle Humane Society from my gross proceeds. I expect to make between $10k-15K while keeping my day job.  All while having cuddly bodies in my lap while I blogged.  Wiggly tails to keep me company on walks and runs. Little clowns that make my kids' faces light up with their antics. Knowing these cuties are soooo much happier here in my home than in a scary room full of dozens of barking pups, cold floors, with little attention. Honestly I fall in love with everyone of my clients and get so excited when they re-book.

Rover is a website that connects dog owners with local dog sitters.  As a Rover dog sitter, you can turn your love for dogs (and kitties too) into a way to earn extra spending money - whether you're funding your next vacation, paying down your rent, or even turning it into lucrative full-time gig! Make an online profile and post your dog-sitting services so that owners in your area can find you. Rover sitters have made between $300 - $3500 in their first 3 months on Rover. They even off insurance to purchase for 24 hour vet consults. It's perfect for those that work from home, stay-at-home moms, and even college students with their own apartments.

I would love to hear if you try it. Please please tell me in comments. I get a small referral fee for new sitters, but more importantly, I like to hear I helped someone find a source to smile while assisting with the grocery bills  or rent or in my case?  Helping gather up some funds for a soon to be hitting college kid (GULP) and paying off some bills.

And if you are looking for a dogsitter for a fuzzy family member? Look here for me if you are in the Seattle area. Even if not, it's a great place to start to look for a sitter in your area. Rover.com is nation-wide.

 Even better?  Use my promo code " SCOUTSHONOR20"  
to receive $20 off your first stay* with ANY sitter. 

Spring break and summer  is coming.  Wouldn't you like your pups to be on a cozy couch, next to a dog lover, rather than a cold cement kennel?

*Code Restrictions:  Codes cannot be used for discounts for existing Rover.com customers.  Code is valid for new customers only.

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