United States of Motherhood: WTF & Ahhh ALL At the Same Time: What is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response #ASMR

Sunday, April 27, 2014

WTF & Ahhh ALL At the Same Time: What is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response #ASMR

Ahem.  This is somewhat embarrassing. 

 I went down a rabbit hole in the internet last night.

YouTube to be exact and I happened upon this underground community called ASMR.

It started with this video and after a few seconds, I raised skeptical raised eyebrow after eyebrow as this cute blond  whispered.

Was this some weird fetish porn for sad lonely men on the internet?? Bizarre. But having work deadlines to finish, of course I was intrigued... Ha! Thank you ADHD.

What was this?  Then it happened.  I got it!

What they called the tingles, suddenly happened again and again.  I was in a trance.

Holy crap. What was this?

One YouTuber with about a HALF MILLION views said this:

"Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response refers to the pleasant tingly sensations that you can feel on your head and scalp when someone is brushing your hair, massaging your scalp or whispering in your ears.
Sometimes also called 'brain orgasm' or 'braingasm', ASMR can be triggered from the comfort of your homes via my channel dedicated to relax you, destress you, help you sleeping, give you pleasure and attention that you want. Moreover, it will educate you and motivate you to live a more expansive life and to feel more. "

So my friends? I fell asleep. Woke up and watched some more.  So I am curious.  Do you get the tingles?  Apparently not all people do.

Bizarre, but addicting.

Fo those of you who still don't get it?  Check out these guys.  They will crack you up and make you feel better if you aren't ASMR talented. Heh!

So am I alone with my tingles and skepticism and WTF-edness and embarrassment all wrapped up in one?  It's like getting a head massage, but not having to pay for the spa treatment.


Lindsay said...

I tried it! I don't think i have the gift, but that little blond chick is adorable! I could listen to her talk all day about coffee. The internet is full of rabbit holes, and this one is more fun than most.:)

Shane R. said...

These videos didn't quite give me the tingles but they are very relaxing. I did get a little itchy on my scalp though but not cool tingles.

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