United States of Motherhood: 2014 Seattle Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Here WE Come!! #Seattle #RNRSEA @RunRocknRoll

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2014 Seattle Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Here WE Come!! #Seattle #RNRSEA @RunRocknRoll

Woot!  It's official.  To celebrate our first no-so-wittle kid graduating from high school, we will be running a half marathon as a family.  

Everyone is registered!

Yes, CG and I as well as my 17 year old son, 14 year old daughter, and 12 year old baby boy.

We have about three weeks to count down. Sure, some families celebrate with ice cream and pizza.  

We will celebrate with pain, people!

Ha, seriously?  I am super excited.  I may not be fast, but I know I can finish it. 

Thirty-five pounds ago before crossfitting and eating paleo, my couch potato self would get out of breath walking around the block! I would outright laugh at running even one mile, much less 13! Things have indeed changed!

I got this.  More importantly?  The Raines family's got this!

Want to know more? The Rock 'N' Roll Marathon series can be found nationwide and internationally.  I counted over 30 cities! Likely there's one near you. 

In the meantime, ready to sign up now?  Use my discount code "SCOUTSHONOR"  valid for $10 off any half or full marathon until June 15th, 2014.  

Want to watch and take it all in for a bit? 

Follow me on Twitter @scoutshonor and on Instagram @unitedstatesofmotherhood . 
Then  on Twitter and Instagram, look for @RunRocknRoll and the hashtag  #RNRSEA .

We got this!! Join me!

Disclosure: I was provided free entry, merchandise and products as compensation for this post and future posts.  I approached this company for this partnership because I had heard glowing reports of their events.  As always I only review and cover products and events I love or want to try out and review them honestly. Love it or hate it, you'll hear about it. 


Maryann D. said...

Congratulations to the High School Graduate. I remember when my daughter graduated a few years ago, it was a wonderful day! I never heard of the The Rock 'N' Roll Marathon series, but it sounds like a great event!
twinkle at optonline dot net

poor_salieri said...

Thant sounds exciting. It is a great way to celebrate as a family. You guys will all be proud after!

Jill Flynn said...

Excellent idea! You've provided me with a great idea for my family - however I believe we'll be choosing a shorter distance for the little ones! Hopefully this trend catches on in our household!

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