United States of Motherhood: April 2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015

On Dog Shaming: Commode Crown of Shame #DogShaming


It's always fun to come home from a blog conference like a Social Fabric event to your own porcelain commode. Only to discover the 100 lb Labrador you are watching has suddenly acquired a prey drive after all and chases your screeching, hissing, entirely pissed off elderly kitty into bathroom where she hides behind you and said toilet...

Only for 100 lb dog to exuberantly and forceful try to push you AND said toilet out of the way TO PLAY WITH SAID HISSING KITTY...

And break said toilet seat entirely off from toilet. Yes, said toilet seat still occupied with you on it.

Ahem! Fun times in the Raines household. Parker the lab? You have hypothetically earned your commode crown of shame.

PS No labs were harmed in the taking of this picture AND it was clear from his wagging tail, there was no shame at all in his 100 lb body. Heh!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What's Your 12th Photo? I Need a Smile!

I just saw a game on a post that dared me to post my 12th picture in my phone's camera roll.

So here it is and yep, it pretty much sucks.

Yep. See you later overheating, hinge breaking, case cracked on bottomon both corners of case, guts spilling laptop.

No HP I will NOT BE SENDING YOU MY UNBACKED UP HARD DRIVE you want me to although you also want me to sign something saying you aren't responsible if you lose it.

Not so tempting.

So guys? With my laptop whisked away by FedEx right before three conferences in three week? With the promise it may be fixable? Maybe under warranty thanks to Costco Concierge service? Maybe I'll see it in 9 business days plus 3business shipping days?

So best case, sometime next month?


I did steal my son's old, barely limping, can't handle my fabulously ADHD 40 tabs open minimum social media self.

So cheer me up please? Post your 12th pic and tag me? There has got to be something better than mine! Ha!

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