United States of Motherhood: June 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

On Parental Learning Curves: Fruit Tray on Fleek

Fruit tray on fleek, my friends!!


Yeah I went simple for end of year picnic for kid #3.

Kid #1? I would meticulously carved watermelon baskets and have a
dozen exotic fruits like star fruit that kids wouldn't even eat.
Arranged to spell out kids' names. Hours and hours... desperate
housewife style.

Kid #2? A little simpler. Maybe rainbow fruit kabobs arranged on fancy
party platters.

What I have learned? Kids don't even notice -- only parents are
impressed. And by kid #3? I could not care less if I impressed any
parents. It's not a competition.

So kid #3 gets simple fruit on dollar store trays with ice underneath
to keep them chilled--prepared five minutes before we leave... Done!

Can't say my competitive housewife won't return someday but for now?
She's dead, Jim. She's dead.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Add a Little Sparkle to Your IPhone 6 with Rebecca Minkoff and AT&T #ATTSeattle

Taken with my iPhone 6 of course

Hello there gorgeous! Gotta love AT&T for delivering this Rebecca Minkoff beauty today for my iPhone6.

So much sparkle!!

I'm a casual girl during the day, but love I can dress up my phone for evening events!

With both silver AND gold sparkles, love my new Casemate Rebecca Minkoff Crystal Statement Case!! It'll match silver AND gold phones AND the silver or gold accessories you wear!

Perfection since clashing metallic accessories drive me nutso. Fits my phone perfectly too.

Bonus? $20 off retail price and free shipping at AT&T right now!

From AT&T:

A premium leather accent, gold buttons, and a gold metal badge complete the look, offering an unexpected balance between elegance and edge:
  • Genuine crystal accented with premium leather
  • Ultra-slim silhouette
  • Refined dual-layer protection
  • Gold metallic button accents

Check it out! 

Disclosure: I receive product and/or compensation all the time for my blog. I pick and chose only products and brands I love to share with you and turn down the rest. Rest assured this is 100% honestly what I love. Life is too short for anything less!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Not Paleo: How Not to Make a Fool of Yourself & Hijack #Paleo #CavemanDiet #PaleoDiet #EatClean

I am no paleo expert and I am no paleo nazi. However, I do know some things:

You cannot have greek yogurt and granola and call it paleo.

You cannot have corn on your salad and call it paleo.

You cannot have rice with your steak and call it paleo.

You cannot have baked goods and cakes made with white sugar and flours made from any grains.

And???  And??? You cannot have store bought flour tortillas, pre-shredded cheese and canned enchilada sauce--even if you added extra chicken for protein--and call it paleo.

I have also seen people label their food simultaneously vegan and paleo. Those generally don't work together and usually the picture is either one or the other...or neither!

People I can't make this stuff up!  Bwahaha! All of these dishes I have personally seen on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest over and over!!.

Psssst!!  Paleo doesn't mean more meat or more protein.

Paleo for the record:

  • No sugar
  • No processed foods
  • No grains of any kind
  • No dairy
  • No soy
  • No alcohol (although wine and tequila seem to be a graay area)
  • No nightshades (although this is a gray area with pepper and potatoes)
  • No legumes (gray area with green beans and peas)

Do I eat like this all the time? Nope. I believe in moderation. Yes, you can tweak it to how it works best for you.  I certainly do.  I eat nightshades after having eliminated them from my diet and then re-introducing them without any side effects.  And?  I do cheat. I will indulge occasionally.

However when I do? I don't take pictures of my cheats and hastag them paleo.

But best ever today? I saw a purse on IG labeled paleo. Pretty sure I don't eat paleo purses...

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