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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blows You Mind, Doesn't It? But I've Got Your Back...

Imagine you book two waterfront rentals for a family vacation from the same management company on the Strait on San Juan De Fuca/Sequim area for $140 nightly for the next 2 weeks?

Then imagine you arrive after driving 3-4 hours, only to find a dirty trailer as your accommodations? You spend the next days cleaning the trailer on your vacation because it's that filthy? Then a couch cushion gets melted on some heating vent that could have burned you and your children up in their trailer trash diggs and they have the gall to charge you $500 for the melted cushion?

My worst nightmare.

Now imagine you blog about your experience and start getting comments from management company and/or owners on your blog, then thinly veiled threats, calls to your husband AT WORK, people following commenters at your post and harassing them at their blog, constant calls at home and emails to take down your post for the following two months after your vacation?

Dream vacation, my friends, dream vacation.

I guess the important thing to remember is buyer beware. In that spirit, I want to make sure the word gets out about Brigadoon Rentals and Water's Edge. The owners have put out their own Rebuttal blog with some suspiciously fake comments. Let's keep Helen's post on the top of the Google search, so no one falls prey to such a horrific family vacation again.

Here is Helen's 1st Post:

Here is the Landlord's Response post on Helen's blog:

Here is her follow up post after threats and harassment of her, her husband, and her readers:

My friends, me thinks my bloggy friend need some back up here. Put yourself in her place, go check out her blog and especially the pictures of spider infestations, run-down trailers versus the idyllic website that portrays the rental as somewhat of a paradise, and make your opinion known.

By the way, here's the pic of Paradise at $140 night:

Let's see the power of the internetz, my friends.

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